8 Reasons Why West Coast Eagles Will Go Back To Back

8 Reasons Why West Coast Eagles Will Go Back To Back

West Coast Eagles 2019 Prediction - 8 reasons why West Coast Eagles can and will go back to back in 2019.

8 reasons why the West Coast Eagles will again be kings of the big game.

The 2019 AFL season is almost upon us and there have definitely been mixed thoughts towards how the Eagles will perform in 2019.

Some experts have predicted that even after capturing the premiership last season, the Eagles will fall outside of the Top 4 – I guess that is atleast better than the 2018 wooden spoon prediction.

But as it is a new season, everything is and anything is possible, however, there are 8 clear ways why West Coast Eagles are going to be the team to beat in 2019.

But first… let’s just watch the last 2 minutes from 2018’s grand final.


The only way for teams to beat McGovern would be to have the ball sent into their forward 50 on the ground.

There is no better intercept or contested mark in the game and West Coast are lucky enough to have McGovern on their side for many more years to come.

The Boot of Hurn

With the new play on rule and the fact the man on the mark has to stand 10m back from the top of the goal square – Hurn’s god like boot has become an even bigger weapon.

As some may have seen in the JLT game against Fremantle – Hurn unleashed a drop punt with ease into the centre circle.

When Hurn is kicking out teams will have to think about defending the centre square, not just their forward 50.

We have a Rioli

As we mentioned in the reasons why West Coast will win the grand final – the simple math that we had one more Rioli than Collingwood was a determining factor. West Coast also have 1 more Rioli than all teams except RIchmond.

Though we dare say that with a slimmer and now more experienced Rioli running rampant through West Coast forward line and at times through the middle, we could have the best Rioli in the league.

JK/JD Combo

While teams have bolstered their attacks around the league ie Hogan and Lobb, Riewoldt and Lynch, these are all still inferior to the twin attack at West Coast – the JK and JD show.

JK and JD and have been playing together for years and know exactly how to work for each other. West Coast didn’t lose a game when JK and JD played together in 2018. That is literally a hard combination to beat.

Balanced Midfield

While Fremantle has Fyfe, Richmond has Martin, Geelong has Dangerfield and so on West Coast have a team full of midfield studs, all with different strengths.

The break the line pace of Shuey, the endurance of Gaff, the in and under workhorse that is Redden, the power of Yeo, the evolving class of Sheed and of course the lock-down play of Hutchings.

So while other teams might have a few stars, West Coast has a well built, well-balanced engine room that works as hard on attack as it does on defence.

Yes, Collingwood, probably has the best midfield in the game – but we saw what happened in the grand final on their home field.

The Backline Wall

West Coast have a backline and discipline that teams dream about.

Headlined by captain Hurn, McGovern, Barrass, Sheppard and Jetta you are doing ok when it comes to defence.

With the new 6-6-6 formation from centre bounces West Coast will be even better position with some of the best man on man defenders in the game as well as contested marks.

Mr Simpson

Adam Simpson must have a secret or two up his sleeve. He has the buy in from every single player on the list and seems to have a plan A,B,C and D when it comes to the season.

Despite the fact West Coast were hit with numerous key injuries (and suspensions) in 2018, Simpson was able to pull the team together and bring the premiership home.

With a relatively healthy list (minus Nic Nat and potentially Kennedy, Cripps and Sheppard) to start the year – West Coast are in a prime position to get off to a flying start in 2019 and book another Top 2/4 finish.

The Ultimate Mid-Season Pickup

West Coast Eagles will have the best mid-season pick up of any club when they welcome back Nic Naitanui.

Not only is he one of the best rucks in the game, Nic Nat is also one of the most influential players on the Eagles list.

Nic Nat has the ability to change the game on his own and will be a major boost for West Coast as they head into the second half of the season.

No doubt we are also very keen to see how Nic Nat takes advantage of the 6-6-6. Just picture Nic Nat to Shuey to JK/JD on the chest then repeat. Or alternatively, with more room to move in the centre square, Nic Nat’s second efforts will be something to witness as he chases down his own tap and rolls through opponents who try to stop him.

Cue Eagle Rock!

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