Word On The AFL Street: Who's Predicting What For The 2016 Season?

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Word On The AFL Street: Who's Predicting What For The 2016 Season?

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We asked people around Perth for their 2016 AFL predictions

The official footy season is almost upon us! Hallelujah! I can finally get a fix for my AFL withdrawals…

The 2016 season is going to be a big one! However, I think it may be a case of deja vu with Hawthorn. I don’t think their successful run is over just yet and they will still be the team to beat. I have a feeling that Geelong will be on the rise this season and that Patrick Dangerfield could really bring them up another level.

Top 4 prediction: Hawthorn, Fremantle, West Coast, Geelong

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.38.12 pm

That’s just my opinion. I am not that great at footy tipping so my predictions will probably be just as terrible! For that reason, I put my sports blogger skills to work and asked a few local AFL supporters what their 2016 AFL season predictions are.

Adam Barrell: (Eagles supporter)

Hawks are still the team to beat in 2016. West Coast will be up there again this year with a full strength backline. I’m predicting a 2015 Grand Final repeat.

Top 4 prediction: Hawthorn, West Coast, Fremantle, Geelong

Ryan Northover: (Dockers supporter)

The big Victorian powerhouses will underperform in 2016, while the smaller cap Victorian sides will punch above their weight. Geelong will fade, badly. West Coast and Freo will set the pace.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Fremantle, North Melbourne, Sydney

Carrie Ashby: (Dockers supporter)

Hawks and Freo will be the teams to beat this season and Carlton and Brisbane will continue to struggle. I think Melbourne and Essendon will surprise everyone this year! Fyfe will win his 2nd Brownlow.

Top 4 prediction: Fremantle, Hawthorn, Richmond, Adelaide

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.38.59 pm

Jarryd Marrell: (Eagles supporter)

Hawks depth, skill and talent will make them formidable once aga in in 2016 and four successive premierships is by no means off the cards. Port Adelaide underperformed last year, if they can make slight adjustments to their game plan I expect them to make the top 4 and cause some real headaches in the finals. Anything short of another Grand Final appearance for West coast would be a failure this year. Inclusions of Jetta and Redden are important and with their improving depth they should be able to cover the loss of Rosa, Selwood and Sinclair.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Hawthorn, Port Adelaide, Geelong

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.42.54 pm

Tracey Sweetman: (Eagles supporter)

West Coast will win the premiership thanks to the addition of Jetta, McKenzie and Redden. Also, the maturity of Duggin, Sheed and Nelson should see them improve and bring it home. GWS will make finals for the first time because their young players improve with each game. Patrick Dangerfield will win the Brownlow.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Hawthorn, Geelong, Fremantle

David McLean: (Richmond supporter)

Fremantle will win the premiership! Patrick Dangerfield will win the Brownlow and the Rising Star will go to Melbourne’s Clayton Oliver. Percentage will be the key at the end of the season for ladder positions. Up to 12 teams could easily make the top 8 this year.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Fremantle, Sydney, Richmond

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 7.41.04 pmJacob Towne: (Carlton supporter)

GWS and Melbourne will be the biggest movers. Their lists are now older and more mature and will be ready to fire into finals with a better second half of the season. The Bulldogs will be the biggest sliders and will miss the top 8 due to second year blues and a young side, much like Port Adelaide in 2015. Bombers will finish last- enough said. Matt Priddis will win the Brownlow due to the amount of games that West Coast will win at home and the fact that not many teammates will steal votes off him. He is a proven vote getter and consistent performer.

Top 4 prediction: Fremantle, Hawthorn, West Coast, Geelong

Lenny Covich: (Collingwood supporter)

I think the Hawks will slip a bit this season and they won’t win the flag again. Collingwood will be the big improvers and will make the top 8. Carlton and Brisbane will struggle and Dangerfield, Fyfe or Pendlebury will win the Brownlow.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Fremantle, Port Adelaide, Hawthorn

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 10.31.06 pm

Lauren Mills: (Eagles supporter)

Eagles and Dockers will do well, of course! Eagles are always a strong contender, with a strong team of seasoned players I think they will be set to push back hard to make finals again this year. I think Essendon is going to struggle terribly this season, even with Woosha at the helm I think it’s not going to be easy going for them given the turbulent history of the club and the rookies now stepping up to the plate. I think if Fyfe holds up for the season with no major injuries he could take out a back to back for the Brownlow.

Top 4 prediction: West Coast, Fremantle, Hawthorn, Sydney

Ok, so judging by the other predictions- mine seems fairly standard! That’s a relief! *pats self on back*

Only time will tell- let’s get this season underway already!

Let us know your 2016 AFL season predictions at @Tweetperth