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must see shows fringe world festival 2019

Fringe World Festival 2019: Top 8 Tips

With so many shows how do you which ones to see? The must-see shows for Fringe World Festival 2019.
Manila Nights Pop-Up Fringe World

Filipino Pop-Up Manila Nights To Hit Fringe World

One of Perth's favourite bar and kitchen's The Standard gets into the Fringe World spirit with Filipino themed pop-up Manila Nights

Fringe World 2018

Fringe World Festival has just released their program for the 2018 Summer. Gosh what a bumper lineup of laughs, delights, thrills and guilty pleasures. We daresay...

Matt Tarrant: From Survivor to FRINGE WORLD

Matt Tarrant has taken FRINGE WORLD by storm with his award-winning show “Honestly Dishonest” which has opened in Perth for the first time.

FRINGE WORLD REVIEW: Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty

On the back of a successful season with Storm in A D-Cup at last year's Fringe Festival, the blue eyed girl from Bombo is back with her new show Amelia Ryan is Lady Liberty.

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