Movie Review: The Last Vemeer

The Last Vermeer is based on the true story of priceless paintings being sold to the Germans during the Second World War. With the war over and the paintings being recovered the question remains, who’s responsible for selling off the paintings?…

Movie Review: The Courier

With Russia and American on the brink of nuclear war, MI6 and the CIA face an opportunity to receive top secret information for a Russian Soviet officer. But with few operatives on the ground they must take an unlikely step…

Movie Review: French Exit

When an aging Manhattan heiress realises she’s going to run out of money what’s a girl to do? Answer, move to Paris with her aimless son and cat. What follows is an absurdist comedy movie, French Exit that will leave you laughing…

Movie Review: From Sky To Sea

If life in general has got you feeling flat, I highly recommend you get along to see From Sky To Sea. Filled with stunning scenery of dolphins, whales and other marine life, the movie is a sheer delight for your eyes, and…

6 Tips Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2021

Sometimes this jaded reviewer can come away uninspired from a film festival preview, however from what I’ve seen of the 2021 Alliance Francaise Film Festival, this year is going to be brilliant. In fact I found it hard to narrow down…

Movie Review: Days Of Bagnold Summer

You may have already seen this movie as it’s been in a few festivals, but if you haven’t please make sure you keep an eye out for it. Days Of Bagnold Summery is a real treat.

Movie Review: Minari

I’d heard that a new Korean movie Minari was a heartfelt film not to be missed. After the delight of another Korean movie Parasite, I was in.

Movie Review: The Food Club

Danish movie, The Food Club is a gentle movie about life-long friendships, food and wonderful Italian scenery. A perfect antidote to a five day Covid lockdown.

Movie Review: High Ground

On the eve of Australia Day I went to see the latest Australian movie High Ground. It turned out to be perfect timing for this powerfully, unique, visually stunning movie, that cleverly tells an Australian story from two sides.

Movie Review: Only The Animals

If you like your mysteries served with a lot of snow, several cows, insights into an invasive social issue and a touch of Fargo this is for you