21 MEMEs and GIFs to Express Just How Hot It Is In Perth

We have the very best collection of MEMEs and GIFs to let everyone know just how hot it is in Perth at the moment

It’s Heating Up: Perth Weather Set For 3 Consecutive 40C Days

You thought last week was warm? Perth weather doubles down on the heat this week! After a hot streak to start December, the warmest in recent years, Perth weather is doubling down and raising the temperature bar. This week from…

Perth Weather: Hot Start To Summer With 5 Consecutive Days Over 35C

Perth weather is forecast to be the hottest start to December in nearly a decade and with more heat to come.

Perth Weather: Severe Weather Warning In Place For Perth

Just when you thought winter was well and truly in the rearview mirror, boom a spring storm is headed our way.

Perth Weather Forecasts Perfect Long Weekend Weather

Perfect long weekend ahead with temperatures set to hit a max of 28 across the 3 days.

Perth Weather Forecast A Wet Start To Spring Ahead

From perfect weather to 6 consecutive days grey skies and rain for the week ahead.

Perth Weather: It’s Official Perth Records Hottest August Day Ever

Wednesday the 28th of August 2019 will now go down as the hottest August day in Perth history.

Perth Weather: Wednesday In Perth To Be The Hottest August Day Ever

Perth weather is predicted to hit a record high with Wednesday set to be the hottest August day ever on record.

Snow Forecasted For Bluff Knoll and Stirling Ranges On Saturday

Bureau of Meteorology forecast that this could be the best snowfall in the Stirling Ranges in years.

Perth Weather: Severe Storms Forecast, Snow in Western Australia

Perth Weather Forecast for severe weather ahead, plus snow to fall in Western Australia Perth is experiencing severe weather, with warnings in place today and also on Friday. There is also a severe wind warning in place.  At the weekend,…