Movie Review: Only The Animals

If you like your mysteries served with a lot of snow, several cows, insights into an invasive social issue and a touch of Fargo this is for you

Movie Review: Music

A lot has been written about this movie before it has even come out which also means, in some cases before it’s even been seen. I always try to remain objective before seeing the movie, so I never read other…

Movie Review: The Dry

The Dry movie is one of those movies where you can’t say too much or you’ll give away the ending. What I can say though is it’s a great Aussie crime, mystery movie well worth seeking out. I really hope you…

British Film Festival 2020: 11 Tips

While London goes back into lock down, we can help support their arts by attending this years British Film Festival. It’s the least we can do. Featuring 22 films the program has a strong focus on females both on and…

Movie Review: Honest Thief

When your Friday morning starts off sitting in a huge V Max cinema with about 20 other people reviewing a Liam Neeson movie, life’s pretty good. The Honest Thief is the latest Neeson blockbuster. Robberies, fast cars, shoot outs, it didn’t disappoint.

Movie Review: Baby Done

A review of latest Kiwi comedy, Baby Done.

Movie Review: Tenet

Reviewing a Chris Nolan movie is always an interesting prospect. I’m a big fan of his work with Memento, the Dark Night Rises, Inception and Dunkirk, all amongst my best films ever. Interstellar, not so much. So how will the spinning top fall…

Movie Review: Deerskin

A quirky dark comedy about a man’s love of his jacket and what lengths he will go to to keep looking sharp.

Movie Review: House of Cardin

How often do you get a sneak peak into the life of an internationally acclaimed fashion designer? If you’re the very private Pierre Cardin the answer is never. The House of Cardin is a goldmine for fashionistas, historians and BabyBoomers in particular.…

Movie review: A Son

A Son is a simple story about a family’s race against time to save the life of their only son. The ethical twist and turns they must travel down make this movie a definite to watch.

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