Take a Punt: Melbourne Cup Trifecta Tips 2019

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Wanting to get exotic with your Melbourne Cup 2019 bets?

Nothing will make your day more than pulling off a Melbourne Cup trifecta on race day. Trust us we know as we nailed it last year and you will be the envy of all your mates and become a legend within the office.

So who to back in for your Melbourne Cup trifecta? Well, we have some insights below for you on strong trifecta and boxed trifecta bets.

First though what is the difference between trifecta and boxed trifecta?

Trifecta is when you are able to pick 3 horses to finish in the exact order ie first, second and third – yes it’s very hard!

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A boxed trifecta, however, is a little more fun allowing you to choose multiple horses in which any of them can finish first, second or third – allowing you a greater chance to win – however this generally means you will win less and have to bet a higher amount to claim a decent amount of the trifecta payout percentage.

Melbourne Cup 2019 Trifecta Bets

Colour in the race card with the following trifecta:

  • 1st: Finche (11)
  • 2nd: Constantinople (19)
  • 3rd: Prince of Arran (12)

Melbourne Cup 2019 Boxed Trifecta Bets

Want to hedge your bets? Then box the following numbers (19, 11, 12, 5, 10).

Based on the boxed trifecta selection above you will need to bet the following to obtain that percentage of the trifecta payout.

  • 25%: $15
  • 50%: $30
  • 75%: $45
  • 100%: $60

Melbourne Cup Trifecta Payouts For The Last 4 Years

For each dollar, these were the returns for the trifecta at previous Melbourne Cup’s

  • 2018 Melbourne Cup: $2,479.40
  • 2017 Melbourne Cup: $3,025.10
  • 2016 Melbourne Cup: $1,541.30
  • 2015 Melbourne Cup: $26,045.00

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