Most Talked About Moments of Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony

Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony Most Talked About Moments

The Games of the 2016 Olympia are open in Rio, Brazil.

Here are the most talked about moments of the Opening Ceremony at Maracana Stadium, Rio, according to what we saw on Twitter across the 4-hour ceremony.

Tonga Flag Bearer

Everyone has been frantically Googling for the Tonga Flag Bearer – Pita Nikolas Taufatofua – a taekwondo athlete.

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Refugee Olympic Team

Never before in history has so many people been displaced from their homes or home nations in the world. To recognise this, the IOC has allowed a team of displaced athletes compete together. Team members are from war torn nations, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo.


More fireworks than Beijing 2008?

Gisele Buendchen’s Strutt and Dress

The world most famous and (highest paid?) supermodel blew everyone away with her incredible strut across the floor, and that metallic dress for the ages.

The History and Heritage of Brazil

The opening ceremony included some pretty unbelievable scenes telling the history and culture of Brazil, from pre-colonisation to slavery, rainforest destruction, the rise of supercities to today.


The Portuguese arrive

Breaking Dancing

Goon Bags? The West Australian sees them.

History’s Most Beautiful Olympic Cauldron

The Olympic flame has been lit in a number of creative ways, this time it was light onto a giant orb and lifted high above the Rio Stadium and onto a crescendoing, flowing art piece for the Olympic ages. It was mighty pretty.

Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima surprise Olympic Cauldron Lighter

With Brazilian football legend Pele in poor health, the job for lighting the Olympic flame’s final destination went to Venderlei. The marathon legend was infamously attacked while leading the mens marathon in 2004, at Athens. Despite the vicious and random attack, the runner got back on his feat and finished with the bronze medal.

2004 Marathon attack on Venderlei

Not a bad start…

The Opening Ceremony of Rio 2016 replays on Channel 7 tonight at 7pm

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