Credit : Abbey Gelmi
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The $10 Perth Toastie

You would have to be pretty hangry to ignore the price tag on this sandwich.

A photo of a $10 toasted sandwich – shared on Twitter by Australian sports Journalists Abbey Gelmi today – is the talk of Perth.

The sandwich was on display at an unidentified Perth CBD corner store – two slices of toasted bread – with what appears to be a small ration of tomato and cheese, sitting in a display counter warmer.

We can only imagine how expensive this soggy sandwich would have been, had it included avocado.

“Nah Perth is not expensive,” the Fox Sports reporter – in town covering the Wildcats Grand Final win– tweeted today.

Credit : Abbey Gelmi, Sydney based reporter for Fox Sprots. The $10 Perth Toastie

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The Tweet has been shared or liked over 100 times, and dozens of people have responded to it. We re-tweeted to TweetPerth account late this afternoon.

With a basic high saturated fat food item like this so expensive, it’s no wonder Gen-Y will ever be afford their own home.

Fellow Twitter users reacted with a mix of disgust and a uniquely Perth acceptance.

“Christ for 10 smackers its better be bloody good #Ridiculous #GettingShafted”

“Mining boom prices?”

Are we used to this?

Perth is also notoriously expensive for coffee and beer. Our friends at WAToday have been pushing for cheaper beer prices for a while.

A cup of medium-large takeaway coffee is usually $3 to $4 in Sydney or Melbourne. While Perth cafes often charge $5 or more for a similar sized flat-white.

In Sydney and Melbourne, a good ham and cheese croissant will coast around $4.50 – $5.

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