The Central Park Plunge – Overcoming Fear of Heights for Perth Kids

Support 'The Central Park Plunge' for Children's Charity

The Central Park Plunge Perth takes place this August.

Participants will abseil 220 metres from the Central Park Building on St George’s Terrace on Friday August 7, 2015. Funds raised go Ronald McDonald House – helping children on their path to recovery every day.

Russell Elfenbein is one of those taking part. 

I’m not afraid of heights….

When I see an edge or look down from a high-rise window, my heart skips a beat.

The edge engulfs me, I feel drawn toward that drop-off and my focus is purely on how to remove that edge from my life.

It fills me with fear, anxiety and that devastating feeling of impending doom!

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I am terrified of heights.

For this reason I laughed when I was asked to take ‘The Central Park Plunge’.

Even though there is safety in the ropes and that abseiling is tried and tested, I still feel that there is no hope of survival near that edge. This is the reason I decided not to do the plunge.
…but then I talked about it with a friend, who offered me some advice:

“Russ, those exact feelings, fear, anxiety and impending doom are the reason that you MUST do the plunge. Walk into any RMH and you’ll see so many children who are struggling with life threatening illness.

These kids are staring directly over the edge without a rope, they are terrified, but they are strong and brave enough to face it each and every day.” –Aidan McCubbin

I realised that for me, the only way I could face The Plunge is knowing that there are experienced people helping me and that ever important lifeline is attached to my harness.

The children at Ronald McDonald house feel exactly the same.

They need the lifeline that is their family by their side, they need the staff that support them and cheer them up when they are feeling down.

Without these things, children stripped of hope and risk their recovery.

Take Grace’s story for instance; When a little 8yo girl named Grace became ill in her home town of Australind, WA, she was immediately whisked 160km away to Perth’s Princess Margaret Hospital to treat a large cancerous tumour invading her chest and endangering her vital organs.

She needed to be in Perth for treatment, but she also needed her family by her side through such a tough time.

“I honestly believe the House contributes to Grace’s recovery. We never feel alone and we’re surrounded by people who are knowledgeable about what’s going on because there are always other families that are going through the same thing.

There are lots of other little girls with no hair and they all play together – they’re all ‘normal’.” – Alana, Grace’s Mum

This is why I have chosen to take The Central Park Plunge.

To help support children like Grace who are going through a tough time and need all the help that they can get. By facing this fear and taking The Plunge I can become an everyday hero and help many children on their path to health.

You can become an everyday hero too, by supporting the cause at:
If you share and follow this story, together we can make a difference in the lives of many children in need!

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