The Cheapest Way To Get To Melbourne: Perth or Busselton?

Planning a Melbourne trip, you might want to go via Busselton.

After the announcement of the special Jetstar sale with $89 flights, driving to Busselton and catching your flight to Melbourne will be far cheaper than a direct flight from Perth Airport.

True story!

We have crunched the numbers to see if the current Jetstar Busselton to Melbourne cheap flights work out better than a flight from Perth Airport.

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The answer is a big YES!

Well if you are willing to drive 2+ hours to Busso of course.

Busselton to Melbourne Flight

Traveling during the set sale travel periods: 25/3 to 6/4, 2020 | 13/4 to 24/6, 2020 | 8/7 to 31/8, 2020.

  • Ticket: $89 one way
  • Fuel cost: $27-30 (Based on 150c per litre and 8 litres per 100km)
  • Parking: $5 day rate parking at Busselton Airport
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The estimated one-way total cost from Busselton to Melbourne would be $121-$124. Add an additional $5 for parking per day and then $89 return ticket and $27-30 fuel cost to get back to Perth. You would be looking at approximately a return flight to Melbourne from Busselton for one person from $240.

Perth to Melbourne Flights

Busselton cheaper flights to Melbourne than Perth
Source: @jetstaraustralia

Traveling during the same time frame as above.

  • Ticket: Cheapest one way ticket $166 with Tiger Air
  • Taxi/Uber cost: $30

The estimated one-way total cost from Perth to Melbourne would be $196. Then add $166 for a return ticket and $30 taxi/Uber to get home and you have a total for $390 return flight.

The Verdict

You could look to save approximately $150 per person by grabbing a Busselton to Melbourne flight deal.

The Jetstar Busselton to Melbourne cheap flight details

  • Selected travel dates apply: 25/3 to 6/4, 2020 | 13/4 to 24/6, 2020 | 8/7 to 31/8, 2020
  • Checked baggage is not included
  • Sale ends: 11.59pm AEDT Tuesday 8 October 2019, unless sold out prior

For more information visit jetstar.com/au.

Feature image: @jetstaraustralia

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