The Greatest Simpsons Medley: Features 49 Guests Across 33 Songs

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A Tribute to The Simpsons – ‘So Long, Stink Town! A Simpsons Medley’ features 49 guests across 33 songs.

In the immortal words of Superintendent Gary Chalmers: it’s been a hell of a toboggan ride.

After almost two years to the day, 30 star-powered covers and a whole mess of Skittlebrau, left-coast punk prince Dan Cribb has reached the end of the road for Worst Tribute Ever, his mammoth collection of reimagined tunes from The Simpsons.

Over the past 24 months – aided by his trusty Milhouse, Troy Nababan – Cribb has teamed up with some of the best and brightest names in Australian music to deliver his spirited Springfieldian covers, from Guy Sebastian and Kram (Spiderbait) to Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music), Hanny J (Clowns), and more.

Now, to celebrate the project’s end, he’s called back a number of his Worst Tribute Ever collaborators to compile his most ambitious composition yet: a medley titled So Long, Stinktown! A Simpsons Medley tying together all the B-sides, jingles, catchcries, theme songs and Yoko Ono parodies still left untouched into one triumphant, fist-pumping farewell to the people of Springfield.

Watch Now: A ‘Simpsons’ Medley – Dan Cribb Feat. Very Special Guests


Taken from ‘Worst Tribute Ever’, a pop-punk tribute to ‘The Simpsons’ from Perth-based singer-songwriter Dan Cribb.

Opening with Guy Sebastian’s soulful take on Send In The Clowns, this musical Frankenstein’s monster tears through classics and cult favourites alike, including Kamp Krusty, Gabbo, Under The Sea, Mr Plow, Max Power and the Itchy & Scratchy theme song, among several others.

The Simpsons Medley Guests (in order of appearance on the video)

Guy Sebastian
Michael Tan
Dan Cribb
Kye Smith
Tyler Richardson (Luca Brasi)
Hanny J (Clowns)
Adam Stagg (The Stiffys)
Johann Beardraven (The Beards)
Emmy Hour (The Cutaways)
Jeremy Neale
Jay Whalley (Frenzal Rhomb)
Ecca Vandal
Taj Ralph
Otto Wicks-Green (sleepmakeswaves)
Mark Stewart (Jonesez, ex-Horsell Common)
Drew Gardner (Totally Unicorn)
Brennan Pagels (Dan Cribb & The Isolated)
Lindsay McDougall (Frenzal Rhomb)
Kram (Spiderbait)
Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music)
Troy Nababan
David Novak (Polish Club)
Jacko (Cribb’s best mate)
Ray Dalfsen (West Thebarton)
Gav & Andy McDougall (Ebolagoldfish)
Scott Connor (Dan Cribb & The Isolated)
Bram Presser (acclaimed author ex-Yidcore)
Ben & Mitch Cribb (Dan’s brothers)
Benny Davis (Axis Of Awesome)
Will Erimya
Luke Gallagher
Jesse Coulter (Grenadiers)
Shane Parsons (DZ Deathrays)
Declan Melia (British India)
Pepper (Cribb’s dog)
Wayne Williams (Cribb’s uncle)
Josh Healey (West Thebarton)
John Williams (Cribb’s pop)
The Bennies
Bec Stevens
Emily Joy
Mitch Knox
Abbie Cribb (Dan’s sister)
Sam Cribb (Dan’s brother)

This isn’t exactly what Cribb had in mind when he launched Worst Tribute Ever in October 2016, intending at the time for it to be a year-long hat-tip to a dearly loved TV show.

Instead, he’s now gone on to rub shoulders with the Australian music community’s finest, from DIY darlings to pop powerhouses – an opportunity for which the Perth-based musician is extremely grateful.

“This project has evolved into more than I could have imagined,” Cribb said. “Not only have I had the opportunity to work alongside some of my musical heroes, I’ve also made a stack of new friends and learnt a lot about songwriting, performance and collaboration.

“I can’t thank everyone involved enough, especially Troy Nababan, who played about half the record’s instrumentation and mixed and mastered each song to perfection.”

Stream Now: Worst Tribute Ever


“I’ve learnt that life is one crushing defeat after another until you just wish Flanders was dead. So long, Stinktown!”

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