Recharge at WA’s top pitstops on your next road trip.

Perth is a driving capital. We love the freedom to be at the wheel when it comes to getting to our next destination, but sometimes it can become a chore, a bit of a yawn fest when driving for long stretches.

To make sure you are kept fully aware from point A to B, we list the top pitstops just outside of Perth to recharge your mental batteries and sometimes stomach too.

Sometimes the best and safest way to travel is to travel to point C and D before getting to B.



Crystal Cave, Yanchep

Want to make your road trip a bit more mystical? Grab a torch and head down into the sparkly underground and explore Yanchep’s Crystal Cave. Become bejewelled with the limestone cave’s icicles, pillars made from geological processes over thousands of years. Seriously one hidden gem north of Perth that lives up to its name!

Location: Crystal Cave

King Neptune Statue, Two Rocks

Ever met a king? King Neptune Statue is one of Western Australia’s most iconic photo pitstops for its grinning sea god, triton in tow at the former Atlantis Marine Park in Two Rocks. The fun park may be long gone, but the towering sea king still reigns.

Location: King Neptune Statue


Bindoon Bakehaus 

What’s a classic Aussie road trip without the mandatory pitstop to a country bakery? Bindoon Bakehaus is a bakery institution, priding itself on offering something for everyone: pies, rolls, sweets and of course, coffee. But when it comes to pies, they may as well serve the most gourmet pie for the road, with its lamb shank pie with Bindoon Estate red wine a real delight for the drive.

Location: Bindoon Bakehaus