Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region is one of the state’s best-kept secrets.

Sometimes you just need a break, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Many people in Perth head to the Margaret River region, but what if we told you about somewhere else you could explore, somewhere magical, just a short drive from Perth?

Western Australia’s Wheatbelt region is one of the state’s best-kept secrets. But we’ve decided to let you in on it. With stunning natural attractions, a rich cultural heritage and unique events to discover, there are so many things to put on your Wheatbelt bucket list.

Here are just a few of our favourite places to go and things to discover on your #wheatbeltweekend. If you want the chance to win one of 4 x $100 cash prizes to help cover the cost of your petrol money, simply head over to the Australia’s Golden Outback page and tell them why you want to escape to the Wheatbelt this weekend!

Wave Rock

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Whether you’re a fan of history, geology or just after the best Instagram shot you can get, Wave Rock is the place for you. Formed over the last 2,700 million years, Wave Rock is a breathtaking formation that rises 15m high and is over 100m long. Its name comes from its unique formation that makes it look like a giant wave. Cue rock surfing selfies galore. After you’ve explored Wave Rock, you can also hike over to Hippo’s Yawn and then head to the nearby Mulka’s Cave. This is an incredible spot where you can find Aboriginal hand art. The name Mulka comes from an Aboriginal legend associated with the cave. Mulka was the illegal son of woman who fell in love with a man with whom marriage was forbidden according to their law. It is believed that a result of breaking these rules, she bore a son with crossed eyes. Even though he grew to be an outstandingly strong man of colossal height, his crossed eyes prevented him from aiming a spear accurately and becoming a successful hunter. 


Source: Duggan Dam wildflowers near Kukerin, Aug 2018 by Mary Nenke, Mary’s Farm Cottages

The wildflower season is almost over in some of the northern parts of Western Australia, but parts of the Southern and Eastern Wheatbelt are still in bloom. So, if you’re looking to explore the wildflowers of the Wheatbelt, NOW is the time! There are heaps of self-drive routes specifically for wildflower hunters, or they’re simply a picturesque addition to your road trip along the Wheatbelt Way, Tin Horse Highway, Pathways to Wave Rock or in and around Lake Grace. These are all orchid hotspots, so get your macro lens ready!


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Are you a fan of Aussie wildlife? Then you need to escape the City and head to the beautiful Dryandra Woodlands! Located just two hours south east of Perth near Narrogin, Dryandra is stunning nature conservation area that is home to 24 mammal, 98 bird and 41 reptile species. It is perhaps most famous for its population of numbats, which you can see on one of the park’s nocturnal wildlife tours. You will also find echidnas, fairy wrens, frogs and of course kangaroos. You can stay at one of the beautiful cottages in the village, or take a campsite. Soak up the fresh air and embrace a digital detox this weekend.

Self-drive heaven

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Why not escape the hustle and bustle of the City and explore the beautiful Wheatbelt on your own terms? There are so many amazing self-drive routes leading you through this incredible countryside. It is literally bursting with colour and life at the moment, with thousands of wildflowers, beautiful canola crops and native wildlife. The Wheatbelt Way is a fantastic self-drive trail that takes you from Perth through the Northern Wheatbelt. Hikers will adore the rugged landscapes of Bencubbin and Wyalkatchem, whilst history buffs can learn all about the fascinating agricultural and mining heritage at the Edna May Gold Mine and Hood Penn Museum in Westonia. If you’re setting up camp for the night, a great place to stop is Koorda where once a month they host a drive-in movie night under the stars!

Tin Horse Highway

Fancy a bit of horse riding? We joke, this is the Tin Horse Highway in the heart of the Wheatbelt, and these horses aren’t for riding! The vast countryside around Kulin has become an outdoor gallery of bright, quirky, community creations! This is one of the most popular self drive routes in Western Australia and it’s a fun alternative route to iconic Wave Rock. Kulin is about 3 hours from Perth, but there are heaps of beauty spots to see along the way and once you arrive, Like Jilakin Rock and Lake where the famous #blazingswan festival is held!

Lake Dumbleyung

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When you think of the Wheatbelt, you may think of rolling hills and countryside. But what most people don’t think of is the beautiful lakes! This is Lake Dumbleyung and it’s the perfect spot for canoeing, SUPing or taking the boat for a spin! Dumbleyung is only three hours south of Perth and is an amazing weekend getaway. In addition to the lake, there’s also heaps of interesting historical stuff to do in the town. There’s a life-size replica of The Bluebird – the jet-propelled hydroplane boat that broke the world water speed record on Lake Dumbleyung in 1964. If you enjoy the countryside but still want to kick your heels up somewhere special at night, the brand new Premier Mill has just opened in nearby Katanning. This heritage building used to be a flour mill and is now a state-of-the-art hotel.


Source: Njaki Njaki Tours

Why not head east out of Perth and explore the central Wheatbelt? Let local Merredin tour company Njaki Njaki Tours, show you the unique and beautiful Aboriginal sites of this stunning area. They will teach you different skills and techniques for tracking and finding your way through the bush, and even show you how to find bush tucker! Merredin is less than 3 hours from Perth and is rich with cultural experiences, walk trails and historical gems.

So what are you waiting for? Spring is the most perfect time to explore and all of these amazing attraction are right on your doorstep! So now’s the time to hit the road and explore!

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