Be Hashtag Ready At These Broome Instagram Spots

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For a small town, Broome sure has plenty of Instagram fodder…

Some destinations forge their way to ‘Instagram mecca’ ranking one giant swing at a time. Others, like Broome, were just born that way. It might not have all the Insta-calling cards of destinations like Bali

and Dubai, but Broome is an Instagrammers playground in its own right.

Get your cameras and hashtags at the ready as we list the top Broome Instagram spots because Broome is bursting with natural beauty and photo opportunities just begging to be uploaded to the ‘gram.

The Camels at Cable Beach

Be Hashtag Ready At These Broome Instagram Spots
The famous camels on Cable Beach | Source: Daniel Tran (shot on Huawei P30 Pro)

If you’re looking for Broome’s ‘money shot’, this is it.

The camels on Cable Beach are so iconic to Broome that they’re right at the top of every photographer’s ‘must snap’ list when they’re in town. You can catch the camels wandering the beach in the morning, pre-sunset, and sunset, but it’s the latter two walks that most people want to capture. Why? Lighting, of course.

While you’re down there, have some fun experimenting with different angles as the long shadows cast at sunset make for a super cool Insta-shot.

Entrance Beach

Be Hashtag Ready At These Broome Instagram Spots
Sunset at Entrance Beach | Source: Monique Ceccato (shot on Huawei P30 Pro)

While the sunset shot of the Cable Beach camels makes for a stunning shot, it isn’t exactly the most original (one look at #cablebeach will tell you that).


If you’re chasing down a more unique sunset shot, do as the locals do and head to Entrance Beach on the peninsula.

It’s a bit of a drive from the town centre, but it’s totally worth it. Come sunset, that giant Broome tide has receded and the unique rock formations are exposed. As the sun sets, you can get some great shots of formations against the golden sky and – BONUS – it’s nowhere near as busy as Cable Beach.

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