Cygnet Bay

Be Hashtag Ready At These Broome Instagram Spots
The stunning Cygnet Bay | Source: Monique Ceccato (shot on Huawei P30 Pro)

Cygnet Bay isn’t exactly in Broome, but if you’re willing to take a corrugated, unsealed road to the north for 2.5hrs, it’s more than worth it.

Not only does this secluded spot sport the colour combo of your dreams (red and turquoise are a match made in heaven), but Cygnet Bay is full of incredible cultural experiences too. Once you’re done shooting photos of the iridescent bay, find the property’s cultural guide, Bruce, and ask for a tour. He’ll show you his incredibly rare artworks in the pearl gallery, and some very photo-worthy spots around the outback property.


Tip: Make sure you have plenty of storage space on your card/phone before you get up here because you won’t want to stop snapping away!

Roebuck Bay

Be Hashtag Ready At These Broome Instagram Spots
Roebuck Bay | Source: Pinterest,,

You’ll spot Roebuck Bay as soon as you start your descent into Broome; there’s no missing the brilliant turquoise waters and bright red beaches of this bay.

It’s the very first taste of the Kimberley you’ll get and holy colour contrast – it’s unbelievable!


The bay sits on the opposite side of the peninsula to Cable Beach, with not much else about. But it’s the bay that you’re venturing that way for anyway. And, believe us, you’ll be glad you did!