11 Wonders Of WA You Must Experience

Natural and Manmade Wonders of WA
Explore what makes Western Australia’s backyard extraordinary.

11 Wonders Of WA You Must Experience

Explore what makes Western Australia’s backyard extraordinary.
Natural and Manmade Wonders of WA
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Natural and manmade wonders in WA that need to be on your WA wander list.

Yes, Western Australia is a winner when it comes to utterly unique experiences from walking where dinosaurs once roamed to finding yourself in a mysterious field of gnomes.

There is so much allure in Western Australia: it’s filled with a myriad of ancient natural wonders and downright Straya’ modern marvels found nowhere else but the on the west side. You could go as far to say local West Aussie pride exceeds the size of the State (a whopping 2.6sq million km2 in fact!) for its extraordinary spectacles.

Explore what makes Western Australia’s backyard extraordinary with this grand list of west coast wonders to suit all curious, adventuresome travellers.

1. Super Pit, Kalgoorlie

The KCGM Super Pit, Kalgoorlie Boulder

Western Australia’s literal treasure trove of gold, Kalgoorlie is home to the mammoth Fimiston Open Pit aka the Super Pit. Australia’s largest open-pit gold mine is next level, the multi-storey Super Pit extends more than 3.5km long, 1.5km wide and 400m deep. The yellow monster trucks that dot the pit’s winding roads look like child’s play from afar but in reality, stand at a gigantic 5m tall and 8m wide.

The Super pit is so big it can even be viewed from space!

You can take in this surreal feat of engineering closer from Earth by visiting the Super Pit Lookout or by taking part in a tour.

2. Dinosaur footprints at Gantheaume Point, Broome

dinosaur footprint, Broome
The dinosaur footprint, at low tide, at Gantheaume Point, Broome

Western Australia is filled with awe-inspiring sights but one that stands the test of time is one that has literally stood over 125 million years: dinosaur footprints.

At Gantheaume Point in Broome, it is possible to stroll the same lands with the previous rulers of the Earth, dinosaurs, by  observing fossilised footprints in reef rock. These well-preserved dinosaur tracks are considered to be one of the best paleontological sites in the world.

The footprints are only visible at low tide however it is possible to view plaster casts at the top of the cliff, only a short five-minute drive from Broome.

Want to find out more about the area’s prehistoric times?

You can see the footprints on a tour with Narlijia Experiences or Dinosaur Adventure Tour’s scenic and prehistoric boat tours.

A truly awesome experience.