Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park: A South West Gem

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Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park: A South West Gem

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Fonty’s Pool - Another gem to discover in our South West

Everything you need to know about Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park and Chalets.

Tucked away in the depths of WA’s beautiful South West, Fonty’s Pool Caravan Park and Chalets is the perfect outdoor escape for family and friends seeking a little adventure

Situated between Manjimup and Pemberton; not many Perthians know about the secret getaway, which certainly adds to its charm.

Visitors and guests can indulge in a variety of leisure activities from the moment of their arrival, including national parks and forests, award-winning wineries and breweries, truffle farms, and famous heritage sites.

Here is everything you need to know about Fonty’s Pool to help plan your next visit.

Fonty's Pool Caravan Park

What is Fonty’s Pool?

Located in the South West’s Southern Forest amidst a vibrant horticultural neighbourhood, Fonty’s Pool is a breathtaking local landmark consisting of nearly an acre of fresh spring water – nicknamed ‘the fountain of youth’.

The pool is surrounded by luscious timber trees and expansive grassy areas, making for the perfect site to indulge in a days-worth of swimming, sunbathing, meditation, picnics and mouth-watering BBQs.

There are four main types of accommodation to cater for all visitors and groups, from small tents and cosy caravans, to spacious and self-contained cabins and chalets

Whatever you choose, you’ll have the luxury of waking up to spectacular views of Fonty’s Pool and open wilderness.

Fonty's Pool
By @fontyspool

Important Note: The Caravan Park and Pool closes from July 1 and re-opens September 1.

What To Do


While there’s almost an infinite list of activities to do at Fonty’s Pool, the first and foremost priority is to swim course.

Put on your favourite bathers and jump into the freshwater from the dive platforms at the deeper end of the pool.

Or gracefully glide in (whatever floats your boat).

Adults and kids are bound to have plenty of fun floating around on the tractor tubes which are free to use, although limited in number.


Truffle Hill
By @truffle.hill

Discover how truffles are grown and find mature truffles that are ready for harvesting at Truffle Hill, Manjump’s first commercial Truffiere and winery located at the heart of Seven Day Road.

Here you can take a stroll through vineyards and orchards, taste delicious artisan products infused with hand-picked rich aromatic truffles, and witness an astounding group of truffle dogs conduct their routine hunt.

Better yet, join the highly anticipated Truffle Kerfuffle festival this June, where a limited number of people get the chance to enjoy a unique and exciting truffle hunting experience.

Big Brook Dam Foreshore
Big Brook Dam Foreshore By @pemberton_australia


There are several natural attractions close to Fonty’s Pool that are worth exploring, namely Big Brook Dam Foreshore nestled among the vibrant Karri Forrest.

Here, visitors can embark on rejuvenating 4km walk trails and bring their own equipment to go for a much-needed swimming, fishing, kayaking and canoeing session.

For the nature and history enthusiasts, make sure to check out Manjimup Heritage Park – 12 hectare Heritage Park featuring natural bushlands, the Power Up Electricity Museum, as well as the State Timber Museum and Railway relics.

What Not to Do

Fonty's Pool
By @wa_wandering

Fonty’s Pool is pet friendly throughout the year with the exception of New Year’s, the Australia Day LWE, Easter and Truffle Kerfuffle festival.

Starting in September 2022 however, dogs will also not be permitted for the March, June or September long weekends.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own blow-up boats and floaties, just no kayaks and other hard-bottom floating devices.

For more info on Fonty’s Pool’s guidelines and restrictions, visit their FAQs page here.

Places to Eat and Drink

Southern Roasting Co
By @Southern Roasting co.

Luckily for visitors that wish to remain on-site for meals and bevs, Fonty’s Pool accommodates two campers’ kitchens decked out with a BBQ, fridge, gas stovetops, a toaster and kettle as well as a big open fire and picnic tables.

Fancy a caffeine fix and a bite of drool-worthy Aussie cuisine?

Manjumup is home to a selection of great cafes that use locally-sourced fresh ingredients, so you don’t have to trek far. Our favs include Two Little Black Birds, Blue Tiger and Southern Roasting Co.

Apart from Truffle Hill, there are also several award-winning wineries and breweries in the area to treat your tastebuds, such as Mountfort Wines and Tangled Cider and Woodgate Wines.

For more information on Fonty’s Pool, check out their website here.

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