Karratha is Calling: 6 Reasons Your Family Will Love Living in Karratha

hearson cove- karratha
What’s not to love about bringing up your family in one of WA’s most family-friendly towns?

Karratha is Calling: 6 Reasons Your Family Will Love Living in Karratha

What’s not to love about bringing up your family in one of WA’s most family-friendly towns?
hearson cove- karratha
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What’s not to love about bringing up your family in one of WA’s most family-friendly towns?

There’s a whole lot of activity happening in the north of the state at the moment, and it might not be where you’d expect.

Karratha has hit peak growth mode. With massive investment in infrastructure and businesses booming, young families are moving to the port city in droves. The town currently has a super active job market (most jobs coming with a higher-than-average salary) and a tending bias towards family-friendly venues and activities, so it’s no wonder so many couples and families are making the move up the coast.

But, what is it about Karratha that makes it so family-friendly? Well, this is just for starters…

That weather…

With an average high of 36 degrees in summer and 26 degrees in winter, you can just about do away with those fleecy tracksuit pants and ugg boots when you live in Karratha.

Technically, the climate in this part of the Pilbara is considered ‘tropical’, but all we hear is ‘warm weather year round’. With no shortage of beautiful, sunny days and balmy nights, Karratha well and truly supports an outdoorsy kind of lifestyle, be it boating, camping, fishing, or a more simple evening run under the sprinklers.

There are endless activities for the kids

Between the umpteen parks, ovals, and sporting clubs, the Youth Shed, and the Karratha Leisureplex, there are endless activities to keep your energetic kids busy. Bigger kids will love hitting the skate park or half basketball court at the Youth Shed, while younger ones can benefit from being enrolled in the many school holiday programs hosted by the Leisureplex. Those with adrenaline-loving offspring can pop a helmet on them and let them peddle their way through Baynton BMX club, or set them in a kart and watch them whiz around the Karratha Kart Club course.

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You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to schooling

With some 11 primary schools and 2 high schools within the Karratha, Roebourne, Wickham, and Dampier catchment, there are plenty of options for your little and big ones’ schooling. Both public and Catholic schools are well represented, and there are even two Montessori early learning schools should you want to explore other alternatives. They also have one of North Regional TAFE’s largest campuses with plenty of study options along with a University Centre providing tertiary and community education. And, just for good measure and peace of mind, the Karratha Health Campus is right nearby too.

There are plenty of great places to get your eat and drink on

Just because you won’t be in Perth, doesn’t mean you will miss out on the big smoke’s great eats and drinks. Karratha’s food and beverage scene has come leaps and bounds in the past few years, and weekends in the town have never looked so good. Of course, there will always be the old favourites – like the Tav Sports Bar and The Tambrey – for some quintessential pub grub, but it’s places like Blanche Bar, North West Brewing Co, and Empire Cafe that are really shaking things up.

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Blanche Bar is a powerhouse on the Karratha F&B block. Specialising in tapas-style food and share platters, the bar draws on owner Bart Pearsons’ experiences as a traveller in France to deliver a unique dining experience in the town. Prefer a la carte? Try their sister venue, Fiorita Wine Bar.

Equally as indulgent, though with a lot more emphasis on the ‘eat well, live well’ mantra, is Empire 6714. They’re known for their scrumptious smoothies, cold-pressed juices, lavish poke bowls, and overflowing nourish bowls; and, they’ve got a range of alternative milks to boot.

Beer lovers will call Karratha’s first craft brewery, North West Brewing Co, their new local. Whether you’re a through and through lager drinker, or are happy to dabble in the occasional IPA or pale ale, the brewery has got something for everyone. On weekend sessions, your pizza, burger, tacos, or wings will be served with a side of ambient live music from local and touring artists.

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They’re pretty big on the arts

There’s nothing you can’t take the family to enjoy at Red Earth Arts Precinct – except, of course, things that aren’t rated PG. From movies to live theatre, the WA ballet to musical acts (John Butler anyone?), the multi-purpose venue has brought it all to town. They even have a calendar of workshops that you can enrol the kids in to introduce them to the magic of performing arts.

For more workshop options, check out Pitter Pat. They’re a not for profit, community-focused performing arts and theatre company that began in 2017. Through things like improvisation workshops, performance classes for teens, and junior film workshops, they aim to develop performing arts skills and foster a great sense of community.

Karratha is easy to get to and from

Thanks to its burgeoning industry, there are a ton of flights coming in and out of Karratha on any given day. Fancy popping back to the big smoke for a family staycation or bringing the parents up for a visit? Qantas and Virgin fly between Karratha and Perth on the daily. You’re also just an 8-hour drive from the sunshine and beaches of Broome, the gateway to the Kimberley.

There are so many reasons for you and your family to love the Karratha lifestyle, from that balmy weather right down to the array of fun, kid-friendly activities. With some 800 job vacancies across all industries, 200 fabulous community groups to become acquainted with, and umpteen fantastic cafes and restaurants to get to trying, there’s never been a more perfect time to consider making the move.

Go on, Karratha is calling!

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