Lesmurdie Falls: What You Need To Know

lesmurdie falls

Lesmurdie Falls: What You Need To Know

lesmurdie falls
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Our guide for everything to see and do at Lesmurdie Falls

Despite popular belief, Perth isn’t a flat scrubland punctuated only by perfect beaches and swells.

While there aren’t too many, the waterfalls we do have are all the more precious because of it.

And one of the most precious and popular is Lesmurdie.

So what is, where is it and why should you go?

Where is it?

The Lesmurdie Falls National Park is located in the Perth Hills, about 30 minutes from the CBD.

Right on the edge of the Darling Range Escarpment, these falls are the best known in the area – and for good reason!

Map of Lesmurdie Falls

Get directions: google.com/maps

Can you swim at Lesmurdie Falls?

Not really. There isn’t much of a pool formed by this particular waterfall, but you can dip your feet in or get up close to the falls themselves for a bit of a spray.

lesmurdie falls
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How long is the Lesmurdie Falls walk?

The walking trails here are the main drawcard for a visit, and you’ll find a range of distances to suit your mood from 640m to a 2.5 km loop.

The Falls Trail is a 640m walk that will take you about 45 minutes, and the most doable trail of them all. 

Following closely behind is the Lesmurdie Brook Loop, which is of similar difficulty and takes just 15 to 20 minutes more to complete.

On the harder end of things, you have the Shoulder Trail and Foot Falls trails which are more challenging 1.5km and 2km return trips respectively that should take about an hour to complete.

The longest and most challenging is the Valley Loop Trail, a 3km walk that will take about two hours.

lesmurdie falls
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How do you get to the top of Lesmurdie Falls?

There are two main access points to Lesmurdie Falls, and if you want to get up high and take in the views you’ll want to pull in at the upper car park on Falls Road.

From here you can see the falls plunging into the valley and snap some epic shots if you’re of the budding photographer sort.

Wildlife to look out for

The animal you’re most likely to see is the Western Grey Kangaroo, along with blue-tongues and bobtail lizards.

A more rare sight is that of the Quenda, a type of bandicoot with dark brown fur and round ears.

You may also see possums, abundant birdlife and even snakes – from the Tiger Snake to Dugite and Carpet Python (although you might not be so keen on that last one).

What else is there to do?

Snap that Insta-worthy post! Because the photos at Lesmurdie are definitely something to brag about.

The site is a well-known spot to watch a sunset over The Hills with plenty of oranges and reds to finish the day and fill the gram with.

lesmurdie falls
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Do you have to pay to go to Lesmurdie Falls?

No. Parking is free at both entry car parks so you won’t be required to pay an entry fee.

Are dogs allowed?

Puppers are allowed at Lesmurdie Falls, just make sure you keep them on a leash.

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