Denmark: Things To Do, See, Eat, Drink & Stay

Denmark Things To Do
Our guide to everything to see and do in Denmark, WA

Denmark: Things To Do, See, Eat, Drink & Stay

Our guide to everything to see and do in Denmark, WA
Denmark Things To Do
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Everything you need to know about a getaway to Denmark.

Green, gorgeous Denmark reminds us a bit of the Shire from Lord of the Rings.

Peaceful, naturally gorgeous… but also filled with heaps of good places to eat and drink.

Whether it’s winter or spring, this patch of paradise is just a half day’s drive away from Perth, and by Lord of the Rings standards – that journey ain’t so long at all.

Things to do in Denmark

Greens Pool and Elephant Cove 

These two beaches are a couple of the most gorgeous in all of WA and are right next to each other.

Surrounded by big granite boulders, the turquoise waters of Greens Pool are calm but still teeming with life, including numerous species of fish.

Around the corner, Elephant Cove is filled with even more and even bigger granite boulders, which is what the beach was named for.

With their smooth rounded surfaces, they look like elephants, submerged up to their heads.

Both of these beaches offer so much to do, from sunbaking on the rocks, exploring the nooks and crevices of Elephant Cove, snorkelling in the shallows, or just having a paddle.

things to do in denmark - greens pool
Greens Pool | Source:

Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

Leaving the sea behind, the Great Southern’s Treetop Walk is a highlight for those visiting the region.

Located between Denmark and Walpole, they don’t call it a “tree top” walk for nothing – with the track suspended 40m off the ground.

The 600m tall trees you will walk among are ancient, that’s why they’re so enormous. Some are even more than 400 years old.

Not all of the walk takes place high above the ground though, with the track leading you to the canopy floor to see these giants close up.

Monkey Rock

This slab of granite might not seem like a big deal, but the 4km walk up Monkey Rock boasts spectacular views of the valley and the ocean in the distance.

The 4km return track is moderately difficult and doesn’t have any disability access since you’ll need to climb a bit over a few rocks to get to the top.

However, for full-on rock climbers, this spot is perfect to test out those skills, offering many different climbs depending on which rock face you choose.

Denmark Things To Do - monkey rock
Source: @mathiaswichmann

Take a Hike

If you’re after more than just a climb up Monkey Rock, there are heaps of amazing hiking trails and tracks to choose from near Denmark.

The Bibbulmun Track runs through the region, and you can walk along sections of it to see some beautiful strips of the Great Southern.

If you want to really commit to a full day’s walk, the Denmark-Nornalup Heritage Rail Trail is a great track that follows the coast but also takes you among forests and farmland. It’s about 55km though, so isn’t for the faint of heart.

For something a bit more low-key, the Harewood Forest Walk is just 1.2km and takes you on a beautiful 40-minute trek through karri forests.

There are also a bunch of walks that take you along rivers or inlets, including the 4km Denmark River Water Trail or the 12km Wilson Inlet Heritage Trail.

Let’s Get Fresh

While Denmark is a coastal town known for its turquoise beaches, there are plenty of freshwater spots to check out.

As we’ve mentioned above, the Denmark River and Wilson Inlet are great spots to walk, but equally fun to launch a kayak or canoe into.

The Hay and Sleeman rivers also offer good kayaking and fishing.

Between all of these freshwater spots you can catch a variety of different fish species including King George, Pink Snapper, Blue Spotted Flathead and Black Bream.

things to do in denmark - wilson inlet
Wilson Inlet | Source: @aussiebushguide

For the Animal Lover

Denmark’s Animal Farm & Pentland Alpaca Stud offers a hands-on animal experience where you can pat, cuddle and feed a variety of different creatures, including but not limited to alpacas.

Also on the farm are kangaroos, rabbits, foxes and (sometimes) koalas.

Whether you want to see these animals close up, you’ve got kids who need entertaining or you just want to unwind with some of the best furry therapy there is, the farm for you.

If on the other hand, you’re more into extinct animals (no judgment), Denmark’s Dinosaur World has some exquisitely crafted dinos and even some living reptiles like snakes on site.

things to do in denmark - pentland alpaca farm

Not so much for the Animal Lover

Learning about whaling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s why Denmark and Albany came into being in the first place.

Shortly after settlers came to WA and started up the Swan River Colony, Albany popped up on the map.

A good 400km south of Perth, the town was founded on one thing: whaling.

The industry started up in the 1830s and didn’t officially stop until the late 1970s.

It might sound cruel now, but back then whaling supported a whole community of Australians and the town of Albany shaped itself around that trade.

To really get a sense of the history of whaling in Albany, the Historic Whaling Station offers an experience unlike any other.

You’ll see everything from the ships and harpoons to the processing station and while it’s unacceptable by today’s standards a peek back into the history of the extinct trade is fascinating.

Take In Some Art

Like many regional towns in WA, Denmark is home to many artists who draw inspiration from the naturally beautiful surroundings.

One of the spots to see some of the art inspired by WA’s South Coast is the Butter Factory Studio, home to ten artists working in a variety of media all for sale.

The Riverfront Gallery is another place well worth checking out, with art perfect for hanging on a wall at home, or wearing around your neck (yes scarves can be art too guys).

things to do in denmark - butter factory studios
Source: @butterfactorystudios

Best eats and drinks in Denmark

The Great Southern is well known for its boutique restaurants, wineries and breweries.

If you’re keen on a wine tour, start at the Lake House. This vineyard produces its own wine served on-site but also offers picnic baskets to be enjoyed in the lush surroundings.

Castelli Estate has a quaint cellar door, with tasting flights available alongside delicious cheese and charcuterie grazing boards. Once the sun goes down, the Cucina Restaurant offers incredible gourmet meals.

Yilgarania Wines are known for its award-winning varietals and sell a variety of bottles from white, red, sparkling reds, whites and pinks, and even ports.

Singlefile Wines is another renowned vineyard that prides itself on fine wines. And not only do they offer picnic baskets but there’s also a tasting flight complete with CHOCOLATE pairings. Need we say more?

If beer is more your speed, check out Boston Brewing Co. This brewery may sound familiar, and that’s because they’ve opened up premises in Vic Park also worth checking out.

But the OG brewpub in Denmark is a sprawling site with more beers than you can imagine. Luckily there are tasting flights to get your pallet across as many flavours as possible.

On the other hand, Denmark Heritage Cider Co specialises in just that. It’s been making its traditional European cider for more than a decade now, but also sells a variety of other products like vinegar and sauces too.

If you’re done with exploring all these watering holes, there are a bunch of gourmet restaurants in the region you should give a whirl.

Pepper and Salt is a famous venue overlooking bushland and vineyards, with local produce served direct to your plate. It also offers private events and masterclasses.

things to do in denmark - pepper and salt restaurant
Source: @pepperandsaltrestaurant_wa

Ajar Restaurant is also an absolutely beautiful venue, open for lunch Thursday to Sunday and dinner on the weekend.

Lined with full-length windows that capture the sweeping hillside and sparkling waters beyond, this is a perfect place to taste and see the Great Southern.

For something a little more casual, the Green Pantry is a local favourite, offering cakes, coffees and the perfect way to start the day.

Where to stay in Denmark

Just as there are many unique and boutique places to eat, the same is true in terms of accommodation.

With such beautiful surroundings, the options of where to stay in Denmark are extensive and varied.

If you enjoyed the treetop walk, consider booking (way ahead) for the Tree House. This very special home is set between two towering karri trees far above the ground.

The trees are inside as well, with one trunk all but sprouting from the floor.

Staying here is truly an experience, with the smells and sounds of the forest surrounding you day and night.

The Ark of Denmark is another gorgeous spot nestled in the karri forests of the region, with a rustic wooden outside and stone and wood interior.

things to do in denmark - the ark denmark

Another self-contained cottage, this time with views over the Wilson Inlet, is the whimsical Pelicans at Denmark.

For more of a farm stay vibe, Williams Bay Cottages combine rustic charm with exclusive luxury and are just around the corner from Greens Pool.

But if you’re after somewhere you’ll wait upon and looked after, there are plenty of other options.

Aiyana Retreat is one of them, with self-contained holiday homes but with a massage studio right nearby.

For the full resort experience, book into Chimes Spa Retreat, which has a pool and adjoining day spa.

The retreat offers custom packages including one for a girls’ weekend and another for a couple’s escape. Both include things like platters, champagne and massage treatments.

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