Noble Falls: Everything To See & Do

noble falls
Our guide to everything to see and do at Noble Falls.

Noble Falls: Everything To See & Do

Our guide to everything to see and do at Noble Falls.
noble falls
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You may have heard of Lesmurdie and Serpentine, but they’re not the only waterfalls near Perth.

That’s right! We have more than just the two!

So where is Noble Falls? And what does one do there?

Where is it?

The Noble Falls are right near Gidgegannup.

Still lost? The area we’re talking about is 45 minutes North East of Perth.

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Can you swim at Noble Falls?

This particular spot isn’t the best for swimming, but it’s not necessarily a no-no.

In most parts, it’s quite shallow, so just getting your feet in the water and having a splash about might be the way to go.

The falls themselves are a bit smaller in size, but that’s all the better to get up close and personal with.

noble falls
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How long is the walk at Noble Falls?

This is a wonderful area to explore and stroll around, but for a set trail – there’s a 3.6km walk along Wooroloo Brook.

The walk starts at the Noble Falls picnic and parking area off Toodyay Road and – thanks to its relevant flatness – takes just a bit over an hour to complete.

One of the biggest draws of this trail and of the area in general is you are allowed to let your dog off its leash.

And if you’re not a dog owner… well, does anything bring more joy than seeing pooches meet each other and play amongst the forest?

noble falls
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What else is there to do?

There is a well-kitted out picnic area with playgrounds and BBQs on site.

If you’re in the mood to be waited upon though, the Noble Falls Tavern is literally across the road.

To explore nearby

If you want to keep exploring the bushland and teeming life surrounding fresh waterways, Berry Reserve is a short 15-minute drive away.

The largest natural reserve in the City of Swan, this area is bursting with opportunities to discover untouched wilderness and enjoy a moment of seclusion away from the hustle and bustle of the city. 

berry reserve- noble falls
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Are dogs allowed at Noble Falls?

We briefly mentioned it above, but yes, dogs are allowed. They can be off the leash as long as the owner has full control over them at all times.

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