The Coast With The Most: Beach Better In Rockingham

Best Beaches Rockingham
7 Rockingham beaches to enjoy this summer.

The Coast With The Most: Beach Better In Rockingham

7 Rockingham beaches to enjoy this summer.
Best Beaches Rockingham
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9 Rockingham beaches to enjoy this summer.

What better way to look at the silver, errm golden-lining in the era of staycations than reimagining our pristine shoreline – especially when it comes to the newly revitalised Rockingham coast. 

Over the years, Rockingham has quietly done a number on us transforming itself as a premier spot to have lazy days galore. It helps when this beautiful ribbon of the coast boasts heavenly calm waters, perfect for fun on the inflatables or happily working out the core muscles with a SUP or surf. Let’s not forget to mention its abundant (and cute!) wildlife spotted in the region. Seriously, a holiday that involves penguins and dolphins is one to remember!

So, grab the swimming togs as we dive deep into what makes the Rockingham coast the one with the most. 

Rockingham Beach

Rockingham Beach Foreshore

Part of your rediscovery of Rockingham is not complete without a visit to its jewel of the coast, Rockingham Beach.

It possesses new allure and charm thanks to its ongoing multi-million-dollar revamp adding splashes of colour along the coastline. Pops of orange, blue, green and yellow seated and shaded areas dot along the beach’s new Beach Plaza, banded with a timbered boardwalk to make it the city’s meeting hotspot. The beachside social wonderland is often transformed to host events or be abuzz with community markets.

Skate, blade or stroll your way along the lively Railway Terrace – Rockingham’s premier shopping and eat street destination – with the strip now pedestrian-friendly. Rest up at the Beach Bowl, a chilled-out beachside grass amphitheatre that slopes down from the Beach Plaza. It’s a great spot to unwind, perfect for picnics or a low key social outing matched with sublime ocean views.

As for making a splash, Rockingham Beach is famous for its calm waters. Its north facing position gives it protection from the winds, making it ideal for families with small ones to have a safe dip or those who like to partake in activities (swimming laps, SUPs).

It’s also a beach that is inviting to all with its seasonal beach matting ensuring people with disability, seniors and parents with prams can also enjoy a beach outing without meticulously planning how to get around.

Mangles Bay

Located within the Point Peron reserve, Mangles Bay is a pristine stretch of beach enclosed by windswept limestone cliffs and designated walking trails. 

The bay is the perfect springboard for simple oceanic pleasures, whether it be swimming, kayaking, paddle-boarding or snorkelling. It is an excellent spot for little ones or adults wanting to broaden new horizons learning how to snorkel safely in shallow waters with plenty of rock formations, fish and other marine life easy to find. 

Shoalwater Islands Marine Park

A day of dolphin, sea lion and penguin spotting sounds like a good idea, doesn’t it?

The Shoalwater Islands Marine Park offers just that, with its limestone islands attracting all kinds of epic marine life above and below sea level.

Its most famous is Penguin Island, where you can spot some very (small) happy feet, penguins at the discovery centre. To visit them, hop on board a ferry tour from Mersey Point from mid-September to early June where you can go on a wildlife escapade, spotting sea lions on Seal Island and landing your own feet on Penguin Island.

On the island, follow the walkways designed for maximum viewing pleasure of the cute creatures in their natural habitat. You can also flex your muscles along a kayak tour to get closer to all the aquatic action or join a wildlife cruise.

If you are one to love a fin-powered exploration swim, snorkel or scuba dive, its reefs or purposely-sunk shipwrecks scattered across the West Coast Dive Park.

Or if you want to have a bucket-list meet and greet, swim with wild dolphins with award-winning eco-tourism operator, Perth Wildlife Encounters.

Waikiki and Warnbro Beaches

Want to experience some waves without the getting dunked factor?

Waikiki and Warnbro Beaches are popular places to lay the towel in the sand for the day with the beaches, both experiencing waist-deep gentle waves. It is a favourite spot to introduce young ones to swim in the ocean for the first time.

Palm Beach

If you are looking to cast your reel, Palm Beach is a great place to start.

The beach has an accessible jetty and has two boat ramps to launch vessels into the ever-popular Cockburn Sound and find your catch of the day. 

If you want to mix up your fishing game, both Secret Harbour and Singleton beaches are well-recommended spots to cast a line with fish types yellowfin bream, herring, tailor, whiting, mulloway all common catches. Find out the best time of day is best to reel one in Rockingham here

Secret Harbour and Singleton beaches

Speaking of Secret Harbour and Singleton beaches, they are top-notch places to learn to ride waves.

There are a few surf schools around to help you discover if you are a goofy or a right foot surfer like Gone Surfin Surf School and Salt and Mantra, who also offer yoga and retreats. 

Safety Bay

Add some exhilaration to your Rockingham trip with heading to its adrenaline-seeker mecca, Safety Bay.

This beach is world-famous for its wind factor and attracts windsurfing and kitesurfing devotees for its gentle waters and reliable sea breeze conditions (usually 2-5 knots stronger than other parts of Perth) during summer months.

Windsurfers can get ready along the grass area next to the Safety Bay Yacht Club and launch from the beach. The sandbar creates a perfect flat-water bay called “The Pond” that’s a popular place for learners, freestyle windsurfers and speed sailors.

So, ready to chase the sun (and wind) in Rockingham? 

Rediscover Rockingham and plan your holiday on the beach by visiting

Enjoy free Hop on/Hop off services around Rockingham

Take the stress out of getting around Rockingham and enjoy the ride onboard the City of Rockingham’s free hop-on, hop-off Rediscover Rockingham Tourist Tram. The replica single carriage tram will operate from 10am – 5pm Sundays only, starting February 21 until April 25, 2021. 

There are four drop-off/pick-up points connecting Rockingham’s star attractions: Rockingham Museum, the Rockingham Foreshore, Point Peron and the Penguin Island Ferry. 

Jump on at any of the four stops and enjoy the scenic ride as the tram driver will provide entertaining live commentary to ace your Rockingham trivia.

Free untimed parking is available for people to board the tram at Rockingham Museum.

Feature image: Shoalwtaer – Supplied by City Of Rockingham

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