6 Of Perth’s Best Waterfalls To Explore

Perth best waterfalls hikes
Do go chasing Perth waterfalls.

6 Of Perth’s Best Waterfalls To Explore

Do go chasing Perth waterfalls.
Perth best waterfalls hikes
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The cooler days are upon us, and as the rain falls, we prepare ourselves for winter and spring adventures on some of the best Perth waterfalls trails.

The best bit about winter wandering? The waterfalls are flowing and they create the best backdrop for an Insta-worthy photo or a relaxing spot to sit and enjoy the sounds and sights of nature.

Pack your backpacks and dust off those boots, because we are sharing with you our collection of the best waterfall wanders in Perth and its surrounds. 

John Oldham Park

John Oldham Park
John Oldham Park | Credit: Shutterstock

The First waterfall to tick off is a hop and a skip from the CBD and a beautiful spot to escape the fast pace of city life.

John Oldham Falls is an urban gem and one of the most underrated waterfalls in Perth. This lush park with stunning city views is part of the Narrows Interchange Parkland, and can be enjoyed as part of a small hike from Kings Park down, or included in a longer hike around Elizabeth Quay and the South Perth Foreshore. 

Noble Falls

Noble Falls
Noble Falls | Credit: Shutterstock

A small but precious waterfall, Noble Falls is one of the first to fill and flow with a drip of rain, so if you want an easy-access waterfall, this child-friendly spot ticks the box. Meander next to Wooroloo Brook on a 2km loop and enjoy this peaceful and beginner-friendly waterfall wander. Another bonus? The trail is dog-friendly. 

Hovea Falls and National Park Falls 

Hovea Falls
Hovea Falls | Credit: Shutterstock

Only 20 minutes south of Noble Falls, we hit John Forrest National Park, which is the most diverse option of trails on offer.

You can access the park from the East, West, and through the main entry to the National Park. We recommend heading to the main hub to find the starting point of multiple trails, and to say a quick g’day to the very friendly family of kangaroos residing by the John Forrest Tavern. 

John Forrest National Park holds a rich history and is WA’s first National Park. It’s home to two waterfalls on Jane Brook, as well as Glenbrook Dam and the iconic Swan View Tunnel to add to your adventures.

Hovea Falls transverses over smooth granite rock and flows downstream to the steeper National Park Falls. You can walk from one to the other with just a 2km distance between them, and it’s a beautiful wander along the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.

Make a day of it, and explore the Eagle View Trail or Christmas Tree Creek Trail for the more adventurous soul, and the 2km Glenbrook Dam for the whole family.

Lesmurdie Falls

Perth waterfalls near me - Lesmurdie Falls
Lesmurdie Falls | Source: Hiking Collective

As we head further south towards Kalamunda, be prepared for iconic city views as well as the loud gushing of water down the Darling Escarpment at one of the most stunning waterfalls in the Perth Hills.

Lesmurdie Falls is the perfect sweet treat after completing one of the numerous trails that tour the top and bottom of the falls, such as a 5km Pal Terrace hike or a short and sweet wander to the top of the falls. Pack a picnic and enjoy the beautiful city skyline at sunset with friends, or enjoy the falls to yourself with an early morning sunrise visit.

You can join The Hike Collective for the most magnificent sunset guided hike at the falls and hear about the ‘heyday’ of the falls while watching the sunset over the city. 

Sixty Foot Falls 

sixty foot falls - ellis brook reserve
Sixty Foot Falls | Source: @wandererinawe

Here you will not only find one of the most popular Perth waterfalls but also one of the best views of Perth.

Heading towards Gosnells and into Ellis Brook Valley Reserve, we arrive at the Old Barrington Quarry and prepare for a challenging but beautiful experience to the top of the Sixty Foot Falls.

As the name suggests, this waterfall is quite tall, but the water flow is slightly limited these days, and we recommend exploring this one after some fresh rain. Be prepared to cross the water to continue on your 2km hike if you are enjoying the falls in their full glory.

For the full experience, take a detour to the Old Barrington Quarry on your wanders, and add the Blue Wren Trail onto the Falls loop, for a 5km adventure.  

Serpentine Falls 

Serpentine Falls
Serpentine Falls | Credit: Shutterstock

Our last stop on the best Perth waterfalls wanders takes us to Serpentine.

The Serpentine Falls is a popular summer spot for picnicking and swimming — although the falls in winter definitely top this.

You will be sure to find a trail to enjoy on your visit to Serpentine Falls, with a 6km Baldwins Bluff adventure, named after the original homeowners of the house at the base of the bluff, or you can head out on a 15km return day trip along Kittys Gorge. For the ultimate adventure, why not combine the two for the ultimate Serpentine experience and then enjoy a well-earned picnic by the falls to conclude your day? 

Whether you want a short and sweet detour on your way to the beautiful vineyards, orchards, or cafes in the Perth hills, or you are looking for an all-day trail adventure, there is a waterfall wander for everybody in the family, and now is the perfect time to get exploring!

Book a hiking tour to experience Perth’s stunning waterfalls at hikecollective.com.au.

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