Take a Hike Or A Bike: Mandurah & The Peel Region’s 12 Best Walking Trails & Bike Tracks

walking trails and bikes in Mandurah
Take a hike or a bike around the wilderness.

Take a Hike Or A Bike: Mandurah & The Peel Region’s 12 Best Walking Trails & Bike Tracks

Take a hike or a bike around the wilderness.
walking trails and bikes in Mandurah
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Take a hike or a bike around the wilderness.

After a full week of navigating the concrete jungles of our city or the endless mazes of its suburbia, there comes that moment of needing to get away from it all. It’s time to get out of that box that is the office, and the home, and the car, and take a hike or a bike around the walking and biking trails of Mandurah.

Rather than revisit those same, well-trodden tracks and green spaces around Perth (filled with people with the exact same idea), take a hike or a bike around the Peel region to really get the hell out of Dodge.

Mandurah and Peel Region’s Top Walking Trails

It might not be the quickest way to get around, but in the famous words of a Mr Ferris Bueller: life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.

So slow down as you walk one of these idyllic tracks – while smelling those roses, as ordered, you’ll also find yourself coming across gorges, dense forests, wetlands and suspended bridges to hike up the excitement on these trails. 

Please note to check parks.dpaw.wa.gov.au for updates on track conditions for those in national state parks before you put your sneakers on.

1. Kitty’s Gorge Walk. Location: Atkins. Distance: 14km return

Kitty’s Gorge Walk
Source: Russell Ord Photography

As the name suggests, this walk takes you across the rocky terrain of Kitty’s Gorge, following the Serpentine River to eventually bring you to the falls.

The story goes that Kitty was actually a cow who wandered away and was found months later down the gorge. Don’t be like Kitty. Prepare yourself for a five-hour walk of moderate difficulty, with some uneven ground and steep stretches of track.

From here, you can also access Baldwin’s Bluff, which is about 6km all up and offers extended views from the bluff.

2. Len Howard Conservation Park. Location: Erskine. Distance: 2km – 6km

Len Howard Conservation Park
Source: Instagram | @__emwilliams

A short, easy nature track looping around the wetlands, this trail offers bird watching spots and is connected to a reserve that’s perfect for a picnic.

From the carpark at the end of Glendart Ct, the short trail will take you to a bird hide just 2km away.

The trail is partly comprised of a boardwalk over the glistening wetlands, filled with life.

For the more enthusiastic hiker, a longer walk along the Erskine Walk Trail of approximately 6km and a two-hour return is also available. 

3. Tullis Bridge and Tullis Rail Trails. Location: Boddington. Distance: 3 – 16km

Tullis Bridge and Tullis Rail Trails
Hotham River Foreshore & Lions Weir | Source: Russell Ord Photography

Starting at – you guessed it – Tullis Bridge, this walk follows a flat, easy trail along the picturesque Hotham River.

The track weaves through bushland and back to the bridge site, which is a great spot for a picnic.

If you’re after a longer walk, the Tullis Rail Trail starts from the Boddington Lions Rodeo Grounds and is about 16km, finishing up at the wooden bridge.

4. Riverside Heartwalk. Location: Mandurah. Distance: 2km

Riverside Heartwalk
Riverside Heartwalk | Source: Russell Ord Photography

Just to the east of Mandurah, this 90 minute walk follows a southern part of the Serpentine River, with a boardwalk that leads out to the water to offer breathtaking vistas.

While the odd boat is a pretty common sight, if you’re lucky, you might spot a couple dolphins, known to visit the area.

5. Island Point Walk. Location: Herron. Distance: 2km – 3km

A popular bird watching and picnic spot, Island Point Reserve also offers short walks able to be taken on by young and old.

You can walk the short loop of 2.3km, or the longer 3.3km, around the gorgeous wilderness of the wetlands.

6. Pinjarra Heritage Walk Trail. Location: Pinjarra. Distance: 1.2km

Pinjarra Heritage Walk Trail
Pinjarra Suspension Bridge | Source: Renae Kaciuba (@bluebeatnik)

A fun track that crosses the Pinjarra suspension bridge, this walk takes you not just over the Murray River and its surrounding bushland, but through the historic town itself – making it a good choice for those not as keen for full-on bushwalking.

Mandurah and Peel Region’s Top Cycling and Biking Trails

Exploring those winding forest tracks or traipsing across suspension bridges really can only be done on foot, but you just can’t see the same breadth of landscape than when pedalling your trusted two-wheeler across the region’s best cycling trails.

As mountain biking can be dangerous it is advised that you download the Emergency+ App before your next ride.

1. Murray Valley Trails

Murray Valley Trails
Lane Poole Reserve, Dwellingup | Source: Russell Ord Photography

New to the Peel region is the Murray Valley Trails, 3 purpose-built downhill mountain bike trails are open and ready for action.

These are the first of over 25km planned trails for the Murray Valley network – a real coup for the region and caters for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders.

While the longest trail is 2.3km and for beginner riders – the moderate trail Boom Boom at 1.4km and advance trail Bam Bam at 1.3km definitely pack a punch that will challenge the most confident of riders.

Watch: Murray Valley MTB Downhill Trails

2. Bridges Ride. Location: Mandurah. Distance: 4.5km.

One of the best ways to soak in all Mandurah has to offer, this 4.5km ride takes you around foreshore and canals, before taking you out to nearby Samphire wetlands.

On your 90 minute ride you will also come across Sutton Farm on Old Coast Road, a heritage listed site dating back to the 1860s.

3. Turner Hill Trail. Location: Turner Hill. Distance: 11km

Located between Pinjarra and Dwellingup, this track is strictly for off-road bikes.

The trail is marked as moderately difficult and will take one to three hours to complete.

However, there’s also a 5km short cut, and a much easier 1.1km loop for the kids (or the less confident biker).

4. Langford Park. Location: Jarrahdale. Distance: 22km

Langford Park
Source: Instagram | @dylanlvandijk

If it’s pure off-road or mountain biking you’re after, this is one of the most popular spots in the state to kick up some dirt.

There are a whole bunch of trails, the longest of which is 17km long, with options for beginner to advanced riders.

Choose your adventure and download the Langford Park Map.

5. Halls Head Coastal Trail. Location: Halls Head. Distance: 12km

Halls Head Coastal Trail
Mandurah Coastal Trail | Source: Russell Ord Photography

This 12km stretch along the Mandurah Coastline is perfect for biker and walker alike.

Starting from Doddi’s Beach, there are boardwalk sections of this track and frequent benches for you to take that much-needed rest as you look out for dolphins in the stretching sea beyond.

6. Marrinup Cycle Trail. Location: Marrinup. Distance: 8km

Marrinup Cycle Trail
Source: Instagram | @matt_walker97

North West of Dwellingup lies the Marrinup State Forest which is near the old Marrinup townsite and what remains of a prisoner of war camp.

Whether it’s the history, the beautiful flora and fauna, or the established biking trails you’re there for, this is an incredible spot in the Peel region to visit.

The Marrinup cycle trail is a purpose-built 8km track, starting and finishing at the old Marrinup campsite, with a slight detour taking you to the POW camp.

Again to quote Ferris…

“The question isn’t what are we going to do, the question is what aren’t we going to do?”

For further information and maps on the walking and biking trails mentioned above head on over to Visit Mandurah Maps and Brochures.

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