The Best Perth Walking Trails & Pub Combos

Mount Heleba Tavern - Perth Walking Trails and Pubs
Walk towards beer (or wine).

The Best Perth Walking Trails & Pub Combos

Walk towards beer (or wine).
Mount Heleba Tavern - Perth Walking Trails and Pubs
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Hike your way to a pint with the best Perth walking trails and pub combos in Perth.

The old saying – a hard earn thirst needs an ice cold beer, never a truer word spoken when taking on a Perth walking trail, but what if that trail lead you to a pint?

Nothing beats a beautiful Sunday stroll along the walking trails of the Perth Hills. 

Well, one thing can certainly top the stroll on its own, and that is combining it with a brew and lunch at some of the best pubs around.

The best bit? You can walk right into these pubs fresh off the trail. Start your walk from the pub and return for a beer and a meal, or make it your halfway stop to refuel for the return hike.

Either way, these walking trail and pub combinations deserve to be on every avid hiker’s bucket list.

Need a hand deciding on the best option to each pub? The Hike Collective has got you covered with over 50 different hiking tours on offer through the Perth Hills, so make sure to check out their upcoming tours.

Parkerville Tavern and Heritage Trail Hike

We kick off this epic list with the most welcoming, inviting, and history rich spots around.

It is where good food, drink and friends come together, and it is smack bang on the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail in Parkerville.

You can start your hike from the Parky and go into John Forrest and back for a cruisy beginner friendly 10km hike, or start from Bellevue and head through for a bite to eat on your way towards Mt. Helena. 

Enjoy an entire 19km and two pub stops on the one hike.  

Mt Helena Tavern and Heritage Trail Hike

Mt Helena Tavern and Heritage Trail Hike Perth Walking Trail
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If you opted for option B on the Parkerville Tavern hike, then you will find yourself at Mt Helena Tavern which is situated on the eastern section of the Railway Reserves Heritage Trail.

Or, you can start here and hike an out and back section along the Heritage Trail. The options are endless. Known locally as The Mounties, you can often find local horses, bike riders, and car clubs visiting.

The tavern offers a traditional Australian pub with a country feel and with an almost 120 year old history, it’s worth the visit. 

Mundaring Hotel and Heritage Trail Hike

This is the third pub to round out our Railway Reserves Heritage Trail and Tavern series, and you can find this pub located on the South section of the 41km strong trail. 

The Mundaring Hotel is a piece of history in a beautiful nook of the Perth Hills and is right opposite the Mundaring sculpture park which also provides fantastic entertainment for the kids.

You can park at the playground and head either east or west on the Heritage trail for an out and back hike.

Mundaring Weir Hotel and the Bibbulmun Track Hike

A day hike along the Bibbulmun Track is the best way to experience this iconic 1,000km long track in bite-sized chunks, and we have so many favourites here.

Try a 7km return hike to the South Ledge Lookout, or tackle the 20km one-way hike from Kalamunda to Mundaring Weir. It will get you there in about 5 hours, and if you time it right, you can arrive just in time for lunch at the Mundaring Weir Hotel.

This is a turn of the century establishment with a rich history that you can explore while browsing artifacts collected over the past 35 years. 

It provides a variety of beer garden events, and it even has its own stage for concerts and performances.

Want to come back for more? Explore the multitude of trail options around the Mundaring Weir Hotel with access to the KattaMorda trail, the Kep Track, the Bibbulmun Track, or the pleasant family-friendly walking trail 3km Portagarbra trail.

Take your bikes and adventure along the Munda Biddi Trail which also runs over 1000km to Albany.

Jarrahdale Tavern and Kitty’s Gorge Hike

Kitty’s Gorge is one of our favourite day hikes in the Perth Hills, and provides us with an amazing opportunity to see the Serpentine Falls, and a beautiful variety of natural wonder on the 15km return hike.

We recommend parking near the Jarrahdale Cemetery to begin this hike, and finish with a very short extension to the Jarrahdale Tavern. Once the Murray Arms, the hub of a thriving mill town, the historic Jarrahdale Tavern is the perfect place to relax with a cold drink, good food and refresh post hike. 

Kalamunda Hotel and Bibbulmun Track

You may be returning from an end to end hike along the 1,000km Bibbulmun Track, but chances are you are looking for a day trip or an overnighter.

Start your hiking adventure at the Northern Terminus of the Bibbulmun Track and hike as long as you want before returning to the Kalamunda Hotel for lunch.

We recommend either a family-friendly hike through to Jorgensen Park return, at approximately 4km or try for the 20km return hike to the Calamunnda Camel Farm.

There is a bonus cafe at the Camel Farm for morning tea before enjoying the magnificent Kalamunda Hotel on your return.

Sitting in the heart of the hills, this treasure is dedicated to providing great quality food and service.

Yanchep Inn and the Yanchep National Park

Yanchep Inn and the Yanchep National Park Perth Walking Trail
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Last but certainly not least is the Yanchep Inn and one of the various hiking trails on option within Yanchep National Park.

Choose from the 12km Ghost house Trail to witness some ghostly ruins, the beautiful 14km Rose Trail or a family-friendly 2.5km Woodlands walk trail. 

Then it is time to head over to the heritage-listed Yanchep Inn for the perfect place to relax and enjoy excellent food and drink and watch the world go by.  You could even stop in at the Inn for breakfast or brunch before a day of exploring the beautiful Yanchep National Park.

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