Petit Eco Cabin: Sleeping Among The Vineyard

Petit Eco Cabin
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Petit Eco Cabin: Sleeping Among The Vineyard

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While there are plenty of glamping options in the South West, it seems they might not compare to this luxurious and cosy cabin retreat.
Petit Eco Cabin

Sorry, we are currently out of office at Petit Eco Cabin.

While the glistening beaches draw us in the summer, the vineyards and forests beckon in the winter.

And what better way to enjoy them, than to sleep among them at Petit Eco Cabin – Margaret River’s latest accommodation hotspot.

While there are plenty of glamping options in the South West, it seems they might not compare to this luxurious and cosy cabin retreat.

What is it?

Petit Eco Cabin Interior

An eco-cabin is a type of accommodation that conserves energy and minimises the impact on the environment.

In this case, the cabin is north-facing and takes advantage of the sun to warm itself.

It also captures its own rain water, with solar panels used to warm it up.

The timber inside the cabin comes from a nearby farm and was milled by the owner’s father.

What’s it like?

Petit Eco Cabin Fireplace

The key thing about this place is that you feel like you’re part of the surrounding wilderness and vineyard without it compromising your privacy.

Huge floor-to-ceiling windows look out onto the scenery, welcoming the sun in from every angle.

But the cabin is positioned on a corner of the winery not easily accessible to the wider public, so you won’t see people wandering around looking for the cellar door.

Where is it?

Petit Eco Cabin

The cabin is nestled in the Windows Estate vineyard, surrounded by impressive gum trees.

Despite its name, Windows Estate is actually a lot closer to Yallingup than Margaret River, around the corner from the famous Gabriel Chocolate and House of Cards Winery.

The best part?

Petit Eco Cabin: Sleeping Among The Vineyard

It would have to be a draw between the bed and the bath.

The bed is, as you’d expect of a luxury cabin, huge and comfortable of course. But it also looks directly out onto the vineyard, dam and trees.

At night you’ll have a full view of the thousands of glistening stars, uninterrupted by the light pollution we’re used to in the city.

The bath though is a vintage outdoor number, huge and deep and right on the waterfront.

To do while there

We could tell you all the amazing things you can do in the South West from this prime location, or we could list the numerous things to do right there on the vineyard.

So why not both.

Check out all our latest Margaret River and South West stories – Margaret River.

But to be honest if a relaxing and quiet escape is what you crave there’s really no need to leave the vineyard at all if you don’t want to.

Of course there’s the wine. So. Much. Wine.

There’s a wine and cheese pairing, or if you want to eat something a bit more hearty, a full-on picnic basket to enjoy on the vineyard.

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