Pink Lakes Of WA: Everything You Need To Know

Pink Lakes WA
WA’s bubble gum hue lakes are Instagram-worthy destinations.

Pink Lakes Of WA: Everything You Need To Know

WA’s bubble gum hue lakes are Instagram-worthy destinations.
Pink Lakes WA
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WA’s bubble gum hue Pink Lakes are Instagram-worthy destinations.

Many showstopper attractions in the Western Australia landscape draw in international tourists from far and wide, but none are as bright and unique as the pink lakes scattered throughout our state.

They’re weird, wonderful and make for amazing photo opportunities, but where are these pink lakes in WA and why are they so pink?

What makes the pink lakes so pink?

For some of these pink lakes at least, the science community can only guess.

And their best guess is this:

It’s all about the algae in the lakes. The exact kind? Strap in for some big words:

The common algae are called Dunaliella salina and Halobacterium cutirubrum.

With high salinity (a lot of these lakes are very close to the ocean) and lots of light — which of course WA has a lot of, the algae take on a pigment called beta-carotene.

Its colour? You guessed it. Pink.

How many pink lakes are in WA?

By our count, there are four very photogenic pink lakes in WA to tick off the list, and one of them isn’t even on the mainland.

Hutt Lagoon

One of the most famous pink lakes in WA, this lake is located right next to the coast, with the blue of the ocean bringing out the bizarre pink of the lake.

Heaps of films and series have been shot here, including international ones, so you’ve probably seen this particular pink lake on one screen or another.

The lake is located between Geraldton and Kalbarri, about six hours from Perth.

Given its popularity, some pretty cool tours have popped up that you can book to really experience the lake.

And did we mention that these tours take place thousands of metres above the ground? That’s right, hop in a plane and get a bird’s eye view of this incredible natural wonder.

Find out more here

hutt lagoon- pink lakes
Source: @hobopeeba

Lake Hillier

This beautiful pink lake is located near Esperance… and by near we mean a short boat ride away.

That’s right, Lake Hellier is on an island – Middle Island to be specific.

Hillier has a neighbour, just called the Pink Lake, which has unfortunately lost some of its colour over the years. Both were discovered in the early 1800s.

While quite a small lake, Hellier is striking compared to the white sand separating it from the deep blue waters of the ocean.

This attraction is viewable by air, and you can book a flight above the island from Esperance.

But if you visit by boat and walk across the island, you will stumble across camp ruins occupied by Australia’s only pirate, Black Jack Anderson, in the 1830s.

Sadly you can’t get too close to the lake (let alone swim in it) because of efforts to reduce negative impacts on the lake.

lake hillier- pink lakes
Source: @mkz.imagery

Quairading Pink Lake

This pink lake is just a couple of hour’s drive from Perth and isn’t quite like the others.

Why? Because it’s not all pink.

At certain times of the year, the left side of the lake is a distinctive pink colour while the right side remains blue.

It has something to do with water evaporation (we think) and is a sight to behold.

Rottnest Island Pink Lake

Ok, so it’s not AS vibrant as the ones we’ve listed above, but it’s still got a pink hue that’s dazzling, particularly at sunrise and sunset — plus it’s another great reason to visit Rottnest Island.

Unlike some other pink lakes though, you can get up close and personal with this one and, if you get the angle right, snap some shots that look like you’re walking on water.

rottnest island- pink lakes
Source: @jarradseng

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