RedSands Campers A Perfect Intro To Vanlife Only Better

RedSand Campers - Western Australia Premium quality 4WD Campers
Discover WA with premium quality 4WD campers.

RedSands Campers A Perfect Intro To Vanlife Only Better

Discover WA with premium quality 4WD campers.
RedSand Campers - Western Australia Premium quality 4WD Campers
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Being sectioned off from the world, West Aussies have been encouraged to expand their horizons when holidaying in our immediate backyard.

My partner and I started to camp more on weekends, first pitching tents in National Park campgrounds – WA has plenty of those. Then we upped the ante by hiring a camper trailer akin to a ‘campground penthouse’. As fun as it was to have a home sweet home out on the road, little did we know the set-up would turn into a vigorous pole-vaulting exercise – and that ain’t my strength. It was like trying to solve a jigsaw of what pole went where and took about an hour each time to build and decommission camp casa, not to mention countless finger-pointing when it came to delegating its build. Not fun.

I enjoy appreciating WA’s stunning natural assets, but that last hurrah felt like the TV show Survivor, and it did make me wonder if effortless camping exists?

It turns out it does.

Being a lazy or indulgent camper is not an oxymoron.

Recently, I upgraded to the mother of all camping adventures, a RedSands Campers’ 4WD camper, complete with a rooftop tent that took less time to erect than it was to brew a billy tea. It was a great opportunity to try something different and ‘test the waters’ being completely self-sufficient on a weekend getaway.

And let me tell you, it will make you one happy camper.

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What to expect from a 4WD camper

If you have ever dreamt about hitting the road in #vanlife, locally owned and operated RedSands Campers is an excellent way to experience how comfortable life can be on the road – or off it. You can have the best of both worlds, unleashing the adventurous side, exploring offbeat and remote destinations while lapping up the creature comforts that van life could offer. Consider it ‘glamping on wheels’.

There are a few campers to choose from, including a premium 4WD range that’s fitted with two rooftop tents and can sleep up to five. Each camper, whether for two or five people, is fully equipped with everything you need – power supply, fridge, utensils, cookware, blankets, pillows, towels, picnic tables (yes, plural!), chairs, portable shower, stove, gas bottles, 80L water on tap – even right down to washing detergent. No stress and no packing lists required.

Everything is neatly organised and secured in its place that I’m sure even clean queen Marie Kundo would approve of. The only thing you need to bring for your road trip rendezvous is a travel bag, food, and bevvies to toast to epic sundowners. Other than that, the beast is ready to go.

Bedding wise, it’s like staying overnight in an adult’s cubbyhouse. Not only do you sleep on a comfortable mattress in a rooftop tent that takes moments to set up, but you also get to wake up each day fully immersed in your surroundings from your private viewing platform perched high above the ground. It’s all about living lush and living plush with no pole vaulting required.

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What’s it like to go on a 4WD camper holiday

Before setting off in our weekend wheels from RedSands Campers Perth (depots also in Darwin, Broome, Kununurra, and Hobart – hello Tasmanian getaway), we were given a thorough rundown of the camper, so we knew what we were in for. 

Quickly embracing this new way to cruise around WA, we headed to wilderness campground, Conto, south of Margaret River. At only $15 per person, per night, it’s a wallet-friendly way to stay in the south-west. Plus, those overnight dollars you save on splashing out on other accommodation alternatives can go towards the finer things in life that the Margaret River region is known for – fine wines, boutique beers, and epicurean eats – you can do no wrong.

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Usually, I like to arrive at the campground by late afternoon at the latest, so there is ample time to pitch my holiday house in daylight. (Putting together a campsite under a torchlight is my idea of torture.) However, setting up the 4WD camper on the brink of sundown wasn’t an issue at all. After flicking up four latches on all sides of the rooftop tent, the thing was standing quicker than the time it would take digging around the fridge for the next cold one. Strenuous, it was not.

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Our wake-up call the following day was even more of a breeze. After zipping down the tent shades on three sides, we woke to see tall coastal peppermint trees gently sway from side to side. Hearing the rustle of the leaves and feeling the gentle draft on my face as the wind gradually blew felt only too magical: like being kissed by nature. But who had time for romance when there were adventures to be had?

A short and sweet pack down of the campsite – tables, chairs, and the rooftop tent – then it was onwards to our next destination – Kilcarnup Beach. The remote beach can only be accessed via a 4WD track – itself a fun, topsy-turvy ride.

Soon, we arrived at the secluded spot to realise we had this slice of south-west paradise all to ourselves. Winning.

Instead of raising a flag to claim this private beach, we fanned out the holy grail of the camper when it comes to lazy beach days – the ostrich wing awning. Wrapping around almost half the vehicle, the mega-sized canopy provided ample shade cover, a perfect enticer to yo-yo from getting enough Vitamin D to being sun savvy. Smart.

And what better way to have made the off-road adventure more epic than it already was than by firing up the BBQ to make the most of this scenic locale. Snags on the barbie, drinks in tow, blaring beats and a luxe beach set up; we got to experience the best of what van life can offer – just only better off-road.

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RedSands Campers Long Weekender

Be the campground hero.

RedSands Campers is currently offering 4-day long weekend packages from just $899. Pick up the vehicle on a Friday and head off on your WA adventure, returning the camper on Monday, refreshed and rejuvenated.

Book your escape here.

Availability is limited, so book now to secure your vehicle with RedSands Campers.

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