Western Australia’s Instagram Hotspots

Up your Instagram game with our list of Western Australia's top Instagram locations.

Western Australia’s Instagram Hotspots

Up your Instagram game with our list of Western Australia's top Instagram locations.
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#JustAnotherDayinWA – Western Australia’s Instagram hotspots and top locations to visit while camping or caravanning.

Western Australia is a photographer’s delight. With so much natural beauty; stunning views, amazing geological formations, unique fauna and rare flora, there’s literally tens-of-thousands of incredible locations for the perfect photo.

Thousands of people have shared their own WA experience, with over 200,000 #JustAnotherDayinWA posts on Instagram in the past year alone.

If you’re off camping or caravanning near any of these destinations, then we’ve crunched the data, researched the best spots & found some of the best locations to snap the perfect Instagram photo.


The Wyadup rock pools near Yallingup, is regarded as one of the best spots in Australia for an Instagram photo.

It’s where waves crash through small channels and cascade down the smooth rocks, creating a spa like water experience.

This shot for Airloft of Wyadup Spa won first-place in the ‘Australia from Above’ competition in 2017.

Source: Instagram @airloft

Yallingup Beach Holiday Park is close by, with cabin, caravan and camping accommodation. You might also like to experience glamping on your stay in Yallingup. For more visit ‘Top Glamping Spots in WA’.

Source: Instagram @lopesdm

Location: Wyadup Road, Yallingup
Where to stay: Yallingup Beach Holiday Park

Honeymoon Pool

Source: Instagram @shelbyzap

Situated on the banks of the Collie River, Honeymoon Pool is one of the most beautiful spots for camping in Australia, offering splendid Instagram opportunities.

If you’re using a waterproof camera like a GoPro, take the opportunity to launch a kayak or paddle board for an experience on the Collie River. Bushwalks and trails across the Wellington National Park offer more great photography opportunities.

Source: Instagram @jessicaking78

Location: Wellington National Park, River Rd, Worsley
Where to stay: Honeymoon Pool Campground

Serpentine Falls

Source: Instagram @wellamyisblack

The perfect Perth day trip for an amazing Instagram photograph, Serpentine Falls is a popular swimming location and one of the State’s most popular locations for Instagrammers.

Source: Instagram @heldmybreath

At Serpentine Falls you can enjoy the rock pool with waterfall flowing down from the 15m granite rock face.

For bushwalking experiences and great photographs, take a walk along Baldwin’s Bluff Nature Track (6km) or the Kitty’s Gorge Walk Track (14km return), both of which will take a good portion of the day as you take in the stunning surrounds and jarrah forests.

Location: Falls Road, Serpentine
Where to stay: Serpentine Falls Park Home and Tourist Village

Moore River

Source: Instagram @tom_sparks

The mouth of the Moore River is located at Guilderton, a popular weekend or extended stay caravan or camping location and another popular Instagram spot. The river, the ocean offering stunning view, adding the elements of the beaches and sand dunes, you’ve got an Instagram paradise.

Source: Instagram @love_alanaa

Location: 2 Dewar Street, Guilderton
Where to stay: Guilderton Caravan Park

Margaret River

Source: Instagram @amberjeanette

From vineyards and dusk and dawn, the river and Ocean, to the food and wine, the #MargaretRiver Instagram hashtag is one of the most used in Western Australia today.

Source: Instagram @duydash

Location: Bussell Highway, Margaret River
Where to stay: There are so many options, we couldn’t possibly list them here. Please visit Caravan WA or Park Stay WA.

The Gap and Natural Bridge Albany

Source: Instagram @becccm

The Gap is an impressive channel, about 25 meters high, between massive coastal granite rock at the Torndirrup Nation Park, just outside of Albany.

Source: Instagram @constance_yikying

Both the Gap and natural bridge provide awesome views to the Southern Ocean and West Cape Howe.

Source: Instagram @jingxiang.t

Location: The Gap Road, Torndirrup
Where to stay: The nearest campsites and caravan parks are in the Albany area, a short drive away. The nearest is Panorama Caravan Park off Frenchman Bay Road. Insert relevant links

Hamelin Bay

Source: Instagram @jlieng

One of Western Australia’s most beautiful and memorable locations for near beach camping, located at the Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park.

Hamelin Bay is famous for its stingray experience. Throughout the day, dozens of massive stingrays often come close to shore, attracted by fish scraps and bait often left in the water by those fishing. The rays often come in groups, sometimes up to ten at a time.

Source: Instagram @skyperth

Location: Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, Hamelin Bay Rd, Hamelin Bay WA 6288
Where to stay: Hamelin Bay Holiday Park

Ningaloo Reef

Source: Instagram @alexkddphoto

The small town of Coral Bay signals the start of the great Ningaloo Reef region, with beautiful coral reef just meters from the shore. This is one of WA’s most popular Instagram locations.

The settlement includes a few houses and restaurants. Where the reef meets the beach, just 50 to 100 meters out, perfect for snorkeling, discovering a myriad of fish and other sea life. Ningaloo Reef is ideal for underwater photography.

Source: Instagram @henriqueseidl

Throughout the Ningaloo Reef region, there are extraordinary opportunities for photography and videography – including the chance to swim with whale sharks! That’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people, so a waterproof camera for ‘latergrams’ is absolutely essential.

Source: Instagram @_kln_

Location: Coral Bay
Where to stay: Campsites are offered at the Bayview Coral Bay. Other camping opportunities at Ningaloo are outlined in our earlier article, please visit ‘Top Beach Camping Spots in Western Australia’.

Cape Le Grand National Park & Lucky Bay

Source: Instagram @elisecook

International travel media often write about the beaches of Cape Le Grand National Park, Lucky Bay in particular is often listed as one of the world’s most stunning beaches. This place is Instagram heaven.

Yes, Cape Le Grand is something else. Rugged coastal peaks, clean, fine white sand beaches. You’ll often see a local kangaroo and joeys chilling out on the beach. It doesn’t get more Australiana than that – and it certainly doesn’t get more Instagram friendly than that!

Source: Instagram @seanscottphotography

The campsites at Cape Le Grand are both equipped with camp kitchens, gas barbeques, picnic facilities, toilets and running water.

Location: Le Grand Road, Esperance
Where to stay: We recommend camping at Cape Le Grand Campground or Lucky Bay Campground. Camping and caravan parks are numerous in the Esperance area.

Shelly Beach

Source: Instagram @vaidadta

The beaches of West Cape Howe National Park are incredible, with Shelley Beach topping the list.

The turquoise waters, stunning surrounds and clear ocean make this beach a popular yet remote feeling destination on WA’s south-coast.

The beach and lookout are located just south of Cosy Corner along Coombes and Shelley Beach Roads.

Take a snap from the Shelley Beach Lookout for views across Torbay and Torbay Head to the south, and of Torndirrup Peninsula, the Albany Wind Farm and The Gap.

Location: West Cape Howe National Park
Where to stay: Camp at Cosy Corner or stay at a caravan park or campsite in the Albany area.

Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks

Source: Instagram @theverticalproject

Stunning Greens Pool in the William Bay National Park, is a frequent top Instagram location in Western Australia. The location is simply beautiful, a tranquil paradise on the South West coast of WA, the smooth granite rock formations surrounding the beach protect from the waves of the Southern Ocean.

Source: Instagram @labengale

500 metres away from Greens Pool is Elephant Rocks, another beautiful beach perfect for your Instagram snaps. The inlet is so named for the giant boulders that appear like a herd of elephants bathing in the water.

Source: Instagram @haaleyy

Location: William Bay National Park, Denmark
Where to stay: There is no camping in the national park, however, camping and caravan parks in the Denmark area.

Wave Rock

Source: Instagram @quietachiever

The wave like rock formation at Hyden in Australia’s Golden Outback is a classic Instagram locale. The 15-metre high, 110-metre long wave formation has been created by millions of years of erosion from water and wind.  Rain water running down the rock adds minerals and unique patterns and colors to the wave, with crystals in the rock dating back 2.7 billion years.

Location: Wave Rock Road, Hyden.
Where to stay: Wave Rock Caravan Park.

Stirling Ranges National Park

Source: Instagram @grantculjak

The rugged, ancient mountains in Western Australia’s Great Southern Region are stunning. Bluff Knoll is the crown jewel of the National Park, making for great Instagram photos, especially popular in the rare two or three days per year it snows. Bushwalking in the park is also popular.

Source: Instagram @ayparente

Location: Off Chester Pass Road, Great Southern
Where to stay: There are several bush camps in the National Park or just on the outskirts – including Stirling Range Retreat and Mt Trio Bush Camp & Caravan Park.

Busselton Jetty

Source: Instagram @anna_terlick

Busselton is one of Western Australia’s most visited towns and the Jetty is a 2km walk out to sea with exceptional views of Geograph Bay, an underwater observatory and the opportunity to capture the perfect Jetty shot for Instagram.

There are several well-known and wonderful places to pitch a tent or park your caravan for a weekend away in ‘Busso’ and the Geograph Bay Region.

Source: Instagram @chayleilani

Location: Queen Street, Busselton
Where to stay: Mandalay Holiday Resort and Tourist Park, Busselton Villas and Caravan Park, Kookaburra Caravan Park, BIG4 Beachlands Holiday Park, Amblin Holiday Park, RAC Busselton Holiday Park are six of the most popular and highly regarded.

The Valley of the Giants Treetop Walk

Source: Instagram @winpiix

Since the 1990’s this walk among the treetops of Western Australia’s famous Karri Forrests has been a photographer’s favourite, including rare 400-year-old Red Tingle Trees.

The 600-meter walk takes place about 40 meters off the ground, providing visitors spectacular views and great Instagram photo opportunities. 

Source: Instagram @mjmovieman

Location: Valley of the Giants Rd, Nornalup WA
Where to stay: There are a number of wonderful campsites and caravan parks in the region, we recommend Peaceful Bay Caravan Park just a few kilometers away. Visit the Valley of the Giants.

Karijini National Park

Source: Instagram @tommyiff

Located in the Hamersley Range of the Pilbara, Karijini National Park covers a massive 627,000 hectares. The Park has many beautiful gorges, including Dalge Gorge, Fortescue Falls, Weano Gorge and Oxers Lookout and many other pools and waterfalls. 

Source: Instagram @sevweill

Location: Banyjima Drive, Karijini National Park
Where to stay: Dales Gorge campsite, Karajini Eco Retreat

El Questro Wilderness Park

Source: Instagram @mrtimrobards

Located in the East Kimberley region, with incredible gorges, thermal springs and ancient mountains, this massive private estate offers camping and accommodation.

Source: Instagram @lydiaplachy

Emma Gorge is El Questros’ most Instagrammed location.

Source: Instagram @elliottphillips

Location: El Questro Wilderness Park, 75 Coolibah Drive Kununurra,
Where to stay: Campgrounds at El Questro, or villas and rooms.

The Pinnacles

Source: Instagram @tamara_travels

The lunar-like limestone formations located in Nambung National Park, just outside the coastal town of Cervantes, are an Instagrammers delight. The Pinnacles is a popular location for alternative fashion shoots to extraordinary night-time shots, with the Miky Way as a backdrop.

Source: Instagram @Hamish Stubbs

The Pinnacles are a day trip from Perth or a short drive from the towns of Cervantes and Jurien Bay.

Location: Pinnacles Drive, Cervantes
Where to stay: We recommend RAC Cervantes Holiday Park if you’re staying for a few nights in the region.

Rottnest Island

Source: Instagram @gypsylovinlight

Rottnest Island is the king of Instagram in WA. and is by far the most beloved Instagram hotspot, and it’s easy to understand why…

Source: Instagram @daxon

The famous #QuokkaSelfie is a legendary Instagram hashtag, exploding into world-wide acclaim a few years ago in the International media.

Location: Rottnest Island, Rottnest
Where to stay: Rottnest Island Campgrounds.

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