Where To Find The Best Picnic Spots In Perth

best picnic spots - millbrook winery
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Where To Find The Best Picnic Spots In Perth

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We're off for a picnic!
best picnic spots - millbrook winery

Throw a rug out at the best picnic spots in Perth.

Sometimes all the fancy dining and restaurant lunches can become a bit of the same old, not to mention a strain on the bank account.

Get out and about in the sunshine and glorious Perth scenery for your next food-based outing with lush green parks, river views and ocean waves providing the perfect backdrop as you soak in nature.

Pack a basket, grab your best picnic blanket and tick these top spots off the list.

Hyde Park 

The stunning scenery of Hyde Park offers the perfect backdrop to your next picnic date, and the delectable delights from Chu Bakery just across the road certainly helps. 

Relax under the shade of the trees and take in the tranquillity as you feel whisked a world away from the hustle and bustle outside. You’re also sure to come across a few fluffy friends on their daily walk for a big dose of happy pats. 

best picnic spots - hyde park
Source: @anton.wilk

South Perth Foreshore 

Picture this: you’re set up on the grass looking out over the sparkling water of the Swan with a cool drink in hand and dazzling city views – have I sold it? 

It’s a no-brainer that a patch of green along South Perth Foreshore is the prime spot to get your picnic on, and with plenty of idyllic locations to choose from you’ll be hard-pressed to find somewhere that isn’t perfect to pop down a rug. 

Mullaloo Beach

We’re huge fans of our postcard-perfect coastline, and Mullaloo Beach might just take the cake as one of our absolute favourites. 

The calm blue waters and white sandy shores make for a sweet sight as the sun makes its way down, and if sand ain’t your thing then you can perch up at the park to overlook it all. Pick up some fish and chips from across the road and settle in for a classically Aussie picnic on the beach. 

Bells Rapids 

One of the best places to get out amongst nature, Bells Rapids is the perfect area to set up for a family picnic day. 

Combine your sit-down feast with a fabulous bushwalk on one of the laid-out trails as you take in streams and waterfalls alongside the scents of gum leaves and fresh countryside air. We’re sinking into relaxation just thinking about it. 

best picnic spots - bells rapids
Source: @naturebynathan

Stirk Park

Lovely and leafy – that’s just how we like our parks. 

Stirk Park is just a walk away from Kalamunda town centre with plenty of space for a large picnic set up along the open green hills. There’s a giant game of chess if you’re up for using a bit of brainpower, or you can take it easy with a stroll in the sunshine. 

best picnic spots - stirk park
Source: @experienceperthhills

Perth Observatory

If you’re planning to up the romance with a well thought out picnic date, we’ve got you covered.

Set up for a night under the stars at Perth Observatory where you can lay down a rug and book a night sky tour that will totally wow. Look through a range of telescopes and discover all the universe’s wonders as the dedicated volunteers help point out some stunning sights.  

Matilda Bay Reserve 

There’s something about Matilda Bay Reserve that just makes us want to pack our picnic basket and set up on the water’s edge for a day of summer fun. 

The Swan River and city backdrop is a welcome sight, and if you’ve got little ones joining there’s plenty of space for them to paddle by the water’s edge or take to the jetties for some epic bombies while you sit back and relax- winners all round. 

Kings Park

I’m sorry, we had to. 

It’s been done to death, but there’s a reason Kings Park is usually recommended as top of the pop for a lunchtime picnic. It’s the vast green spaces, pops of botanical colour, epic playgrounds, pristine bushland trails and sky-high Perth views. What’s not to love? 

John Oldham Park

Long kept as one of Perth’s greatest secrets, you wouldn’t suspect that such a sensational waterfall good enough to be a wedding background was sitting right in the middle of Mounts Bay Road. 

The secret’s out though, and the lush green-filled oasis has become a popular lunch spot for city dwellers looking to perch up and unwind from a busy morning. With BBQ facilities and pleasant strolling paths, it’s a midday lunch stop on your adventures that must be taken. 

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best picnic spots - john oldham park
Source: @glen_street

Cottesloe Beach

Sunsets at Cottesloe Beach are made for a picnic rug, glass of wine and a cheeseboard. 

Finding a patch of grass might be a challenge on particularly balmy afternoons, but it’s well worth the hunt. You’ll get to watch the waves roll in with a satisfied belly and all the good coastal feels as the salty air hits your face. Now that’s living. 

Scarborough Sunset Hill 

Speaking of glorious coastal picnics, have you given Scarborough’s iconic sunset hill a spin?

Located in the heart of Scarborough, just across from the main strip of bars, it’s not hard to find. The high vantage point means endless ocean views as you sit back and relax with some takeaway from one of your favourite food spots just behind. 

Millbrook Winery

If you’re up for a bit of a journey, head off to Millbrook Winery on the outskirts of Perth for the perfect wine-filled picnic. 

They’re happy for people to set up camp around the grounds just so long as you buy a bottle of wine, and trust me- you’ll want to. If you’re a little lazy at getting your own stuff organised they also do Millbrook picnic baskets with everything you need for a pretty speccy picnic setup, gourmet style.

You can find out more and book your own here

Lesmurdie Falls National Park 

I’m sure you’ve heard through the grapevine about the insanely wonderful waterfall at Lesmurdie Falls National Park, given you haven’t already paid it a visit yourself. 

It’s a well-known spot for epic sunset views and energising hikes through the bushland, and we think it’s perfect for your next daytime adventure followed by a jam-packed picnic. There’s a designated area with BBQ’s, or you can venture off and find your own little secret spot. 

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best picnic spots - lesmurdie falls
Source: @freyahaley

Feature Image: @millbrook.winery

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