Uber Comfort: Uber Australia Launches ‘Quiet Mode’ Now You Don’t Have To Talk

No more small talk required.

You don’t have to make small talk anymore… well if you don’t want to.

Uber Australia has recently launched Uber Comfort – a new product that provides riders with more options to elevate their riding experience on a day-to-day basis pairing you with the perfect driver.

Uber Comfort Benefits:

For a slightly more expensive fare you can enjoy the following benefits when you select Uber Comfort.

  • Select whether you prefer a quiet or chatty driver.
  • You can now also select your preferred temperature.
  • Increased wait times in case you are delayed for you pickup
  • Highly ranked drivers with a minimum 4.85 rating or higher
  • Newer model cars with 2013 the oldest models allowed
Screenshot of Uber Comfort
Screenshot of Uber Comfort
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So no more having to worry about your rating being hit hard from silent rides, or having to awkwardly sit in the back and put headphones on or bury yourself in your phone to avoid chitchat.

It seems Uber’s play in the rideshare market isn’t to discount rides further to compete with DiDi, instead they are offering riders more power to customise and enjoy their rides. Plus in partnership with the recently announced roll-out of Uber Rewards in Australia for early 2020, Uber could start to see a swing back in customers that aren’t just looking for the cheapest ride and possibly something a little more them.

For more information visit help.uber.com/riders/article/what-is-uber-comfort.

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