Uber Killer: Tesla Robotaxi Network Set For 2020 Launch

Tesla to launch autonomous ride-sharing network.

It seems like it was just yesterday when Uber launched in Australia and more specifically Perth, with the Taxi industry flipped on its head overnight.

But now there could be something else that does the same to the ride-sharing networks we have all come to love Uber and Ola with the potential launch of Tesla’s autonomous ride-sharing network in 2020.

tesla autonomous ride-sharing network

Tesla cars are ready to be completely autonomous

During the nearly three-hour Tesla Autonomy Day Event presentation, Tesla CEO Elon Musk presented the future of Tesla and the future of rise-sharing.

A future of self-driving cars is nearly here as Musk said that “all Teslas being produced right now” already have the technology that would allow them to drive without human intervention. All it would take is a software update to turn on the feature, called Navigate on Autopilot.

Musk then expects more than 1 million Tesla vehicles to have its autonomous driving technology ready when the feature is turned on at some point in 2020. Making full-autonomous driving (no human input behind the wheel required) a reality in 2020.

Tesla to take on Uber with Robotaxis

Navigate on Autopilot is then the key for Musk plans to launch a Robottaxi service into the ride-sharing market. While Tesla would provide a fleet of automated taxis where required to ensure customer demand can be met, Tesla owners would also be encouraged to add their cars to the ride-sharing service.

Musk predicted that Tesla owners that do add their car to network on average could make $30,000 in gross profit per car, annually for owners and Tesla combined. Owners, therefore, could make $21,000 annually loaning out their cars for ride sharing. He didn’t, however, specify whether that figure assumes full-time or part-time loaning.

Robotaxis would provide passive income

Either way, if you are able to afford a Tesla you could potentially have also purchased a way to make some considerable passive income each year – ultimately paying for the car itself in a couple of years without having to do anything.

What lies ahead?

The autonomous ride-sharing play for Tesla does raise a lot of questions, one being government regulation, insurance liabilities, safety, costs and of course when it will be available in Australia. All of which hasn’t been explained yet by Musk.

Though in regards to ride cost one would assume as there is no payment required for a ‘driver’, Tesla cost per ride should be considerably cheaper compared to Uber and Ola.

Musk sees a future where the robotaxis would return home and automatically park and recharge.

Full automation would also mean you would essentially have your own car on call to come pick you up and take you home wherever you are.

And I for one welcome our new self-driving robot overlords.

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Watch: Tesla Autonomy Day Event in 15 Minutes – (Robotaxi & Full Self-Driving)

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