The virus-plagued State is beginning to flatten the curve of its second wave of coronavirus.

Victoria has finally broken its consistently high COVID-19 case-loads, dipping below 200 daily cases for the first time in five weeks.

The State today confirmed 179 new cases.

Premier Daniel Andrews said the numbers showed “that the strategy is working”.

“We are all pleased to see a one in front of these additional case numbers,” he said.

“To a certain extent, it is perhaps at that level a little quicker than I thought it might be.

State unlikely to drop to double digits by end of lockdown

Victoria’s Health Officer Brett Sutton said while the low numbers were welcome, there was more to do be done to flatten the curve completely.


“So even though we’re seeing numbers below 200 today, there might be a flattening off in the next couple of weeks if we don’t really focus all our attention on those complex settings,” he said.

“I’d love us to be below 50. I would be really gratified if it were in single figures (by the end of lockdown) but I’m not convinced that it will be.

“I think it’s possible, but I think there are really significant challenges to get there.”

Victoria’s Stage 4 restrictions are set to end on September 13.

NSW also flattens curve

NSW also recorded its lowest case load in almost two months, confirming just one new COVID-19 patient today.

The State is on the cusp of quashing its second wave, with today marking seven days of single digit case rises.


NSW Chief Health Officer Kerry Chant urged for “vigilance” to be maintained.

“It is vital that high rates of testing continue in order to find the source of the cases still under investigation and to identify and stop further spread of the virus,” she said.

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