Vogue Names Kings Park One of The World's Greatest

Vogue, the prestigious high-end magazine, has singled out Perth for being home to one of the world’s greatest parks.

Kings Park was this week ranked with some of the world’s greatest city parks, placing Perth in the company of famed metropolis including Tokyo, New York, London, Athens, Munich and Paris.

All of us would surely agree with the sentiments.

Kings Park holds a special place in all of our hearts. Growing up with family picnics, to those famous exercise spots Jacobs Ladder and the DNA tower, the famous WA wildflower season, a classic school ball limo stopping spot, to romantic dates, photoshoots, Weddings, proposals, honoured war memorials, dawn services and a place of recognition for local Indigenous culture.

Kings Park and Botanic Garden, located right next to the Perth CBD, is one of the world’s largest and most magnificent inner city parks.

The 990-acre park was officially opened on 10 August 1895 and originally called Perth Park, before being renamed in 1901 to King’s Park and then simply Kings Park.

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Offering panoramic views of the Swan River and Darling Range, it is home to over 324 native plant varieties, 215 known indigenous fungi species and 80 bird species.

Vogue quite rightly names Kings Park as one of the greatest in the world.

Other great parks to make the list include, The Boboli Gardens in Florence, Italy, The Summer Palace in Beijing, Hibiya Parkin in Tokyo, The National Garden in Athens , Englischer Garten in Munich, Hyde Park in London, Central Park in New York and the Luxembourg Gardens in Paris.

Now one of the world’s most loved and famous magazines has listed Perth’s Kings Park as one of the greatest on Earth.

Kings Park memorial at sunrise.

“In 2015, Parks Victoria and Deakin University released a report showing the connection between healthy citizens and high-quality parks. They found that spending time in nature – even if that nature is a carefully curated urban garden – has physical, mental, social, and even spiritual benefits for people of all ages,” the magazine noted.

Vogue Australia May 2019 Edition

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