What does Perth have to say about Game of Thrones?

Incase you have been living beyond the wall and have no idea what is happening in the outside world, Game of Thrones Season 5 launched on Monday 13 of April. So we thought it would be interesting to see what Perth has to say about arguably the worlds most popular TV show on Twitter. With this collection of tweets you might even find some new friends to talk #GameOfThrones with on Twitter.

Perth Game of Throne Tweets

It was a great day

Winter is still coming 5 season later

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Does that mean Colin?

Probably not the smartest thing to do… don’t live stream TV shows!

Turns out it can be done!

Now that’s showing restraint

Someones excited though not sure about the Nutella and matching wine


Silicon Valley is up there with GOT… Get on it if you haven’t already

Who doesn’t love Jon Snow!


Bloody recap and review of Game of Thrones (Warning may contain traces of swearing)

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