Wheel Clamping Will Be Banned In Perth & Throughout WA

Proposed legislation backed by the opposition will see wheel clamping banned in Western Australia.

Clamping in WA will get the clamp under proposed legislation backed by the opposition.

Premier Mark McGowan said clamping was “un-Australian” and “infuriating”.

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Wheel clamping is a source of frustration all around Perth, with clampers always on the lookout to make a quick buck on unexpecting victims – resulting in some places being too scary to park for the fear of being clamped. This, in turn, is hurting trade of many businesses and of-course the pockets of locals.

Under the state government’s ban on clamping plan, towing a car will be the last resort for illegally-parked cars on private property, an attempt must be made to contact the vehicle owner, costs will be capped and WA Police must be notified. This plan has been modelled on similar legislation out of Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.

Opposition leader Liza Harvey supports the proposal, however, as always, they would scrutinise the legislation to ensure it would work effectively.

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