Wheelie Thirsty? Local Brother's Make Wheelie Bin Bar

Not every day do you see a wheelie bin being used for something cool.

Much like the old saying – If you’ve got a door you’ve got a gym… if you’ve got a wheelie bin – you’ve got a transportable bar.

Local brothers have gone where no man has gone before it seems and has turned the standard wheelie bin into a transportable beer dispencing bar – because why not!.

Local beer craftie Dan from The Craft Beer Brief and his brother Josh from (Metalcraft Marine) are the heroes behind this creation.

What man will do to quench a thirst.

Source: Instagram | @thecraftbeerbrief

When asked how it all came about Dan says “I made the bin to have a transportable way to serve my homebrew without needing to take my kegerator from home.”

Source: Instagram | @thecraftbeerbrief

“My brother Josh got hold of the project to punch a couple of holes in the bin wall but he quickly decided that the taps would be too low and not ergonomic and sustainable for beer drinking so he fabricated up the custom beer font.”

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When asked if this was inspired by something he had seen previously – “I hadn’t seen this done before which surprised me a bit as it makes plenty of sense, particularly with the insulated walls and lid which is all my own design using Bluechip insulation products.”

Might be important to note such a construction should be done with a brand new wheelie bin, otherwise, you might want to spend a good amount of time cleaning it first.

Source: Instagram | @thecraftbeerbrief

It’s safe to say that the beers will be flowing from this bad boy on Australia Day, but perhaps the only way it could be made even more Aussie would be to paint some wickets on the front.

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