Explore the Peel Region’s breweries and wineries.

When winter comes, many birds migrate. Makes sense really – a change in season demands a change in scenery.

Perth folk aren’t birds. Not even a little bit.

Come the end of summer, many of us are scratching our heads over how exactly to now spend the weekends, if not by the beach.

What’s crazy is that our winter migration need not be one of many thousands of miles, but instead only an ever so slight shift from the coast to the winding roads just an hour south of Perth.

After all, roasting yourself under blistering heat is one thing, but warming up from the inside out with fine wines and craft brews is entirely another.

So do like the birds do and “migrate” if just for a day, to discover the craft beer and fine wines to warm you up this winter in the Peel Region.

Our tips for exploring the Peel Region’s Breweries and Wineries:

1. Peel Estate Wines

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

Whether you want to start from one of the northern most tips of this wine and beer trail, or the oldest spot on the map, Peel Estate Wines is where you pass go and collect – or rather happily dish out – your $200.

But putting aside Monopoly tropes, and one of those zeros on that price tag, this spot can’t be missed (no seriously, there’s a sign from the main road before you get into Mandurah).

Established in 1979, this beautiful estate is the oldest winery and vineyard in the Peel region.

Watch the grapes being crushed as you sip on one of the incredible white or red varietals, or one of the delectably sweet and strong fortifieds.

2. King Road Brewing Co.

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

Just up the road from Peel Estate is the much-loved KRB.

Now, for many of us, cider is probably not our very first choice of drink. And that’s because mainstream, commercial cider is more often than not a sugary, tart concoction that before long gives you that oh-so-special furry feeling on the teeth.

What many of us have likely never experienced is cider made right, cider made well, and cider made with love.

That’s what you can expect from KRB. What’s now a huge local favourite started as a couple just brewing up cider that in the beginning, by their own admission, was barely drinkable.


Fast forward a couple dozen batches though, and Bev and Dave were seeing more and more “visitors” to their farm, just peeking in and “oh if you insisting” their way through the McGee’s latest brew.

Now, the couple have their own place that while still focusing on cider production (done with a traditional press and everything) the McGee’s have also brought in a bunch of beers from micro-brewers, and a deliciously exorbitant, but still very pub-style, menu to match.

3. White Lakes Brewing

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

Right beside the Vernon Arms Tavern – lovingly referred to as “a little piece of England”, is White Lakes Brewing.

Open from Fridays to Sundays and on tap at the tavern (always), this micro-brewer puts its all into seven naturally crafted, fresh beers: the WL Draught, Wit, Standard, Pilsener, Dark, Summer & Pale – plus the Reserve Series.

Sip on one on (or all) of these brews as you overlook the West Garden the gorgeous Lake Walyungup.

There’s a fantastic menu to peruse as you get to figuring out which beer is your favourite (and ‘all of them’ is definitely the right answer).

4. Millbrook Winery

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth

One of the irrefutable jewels in the crown of Peel’s burgeoning food and wine region, it will take you mere minutes of stepping onto Chesnut Farm to realise for yourself why and how this spot has garnered multiple awards and praise from the likes of the New York Times.

Completed in 2001, Millbrook Winery comprises of winemaking facilities, barrel halls, a tasting rooms and restaurant, all on the historic Chestnut Farm, which dates back to the 19th century.

Sitting just outside of Jarrahdale, North East of Mandurah, the property backs onto the Serpentine River and surrounding jarrah forests, making it a hot spot for events and functions (hint hint).

It’s no secret you will find some of the best wines of the region here, from the sauvignon blanc to the incredible tempranillo, all to be enjoyed besides a seasonal meal with vegetables picked from the gardens out back.

Please note: Millbrook Winery is closed July 23 to August 1, 2019

5. Three Rivers Brewing

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

Head down the main drag and just 5 minutes out of the city centre you will find Three Rivers Brewing tucked away within the industrial area.

Here is where you’ll begin to feel that familiar tug so many Perth people have developed deep in their guts. It’s like a sixth sense… for craft beer.

The tingles you’ll feel as you sip one of the fantastic beers at Three Rivers Brewing is not so dissimilar to the well-known Spidey-sense (don’t ask how we know this). You just feel intuitively something is about to happen. And that something is that you’re about to find your new favourite craft brewer, local to WA, and less than an hour’s drive away. If the gold, silver and bronze medals this family of brewers has won for a great many of their concoctions don’t convince you, take a gulp of the Black Knight Coffee Stout – you may even find yourself becoming a “winter person” in the process.


6. Drakesbrook Fine Wines

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Photo By: Russell Ord Photography

Venture further inland towards Waroona and the rolling hills of the Darling Scarp and you will stumble across Drakesbrook Fine Wines. From there you’re all but guaranteed to fall in love with this authentic boutique winery, founded by one man with a small wine label and a big dream. Bernie Worthington bought the place in the late 90s and filled it with heart you can all but taste as you sip on one of the lovingly made varietals.

Even after taking a serious hit from the devastating Waroona-Yarloop bushfires that swept through the property, Bernie was not to be stopped, and rebuilt with the same passion from which he had started.

As you settle in to sip at your wine and overlook the lake bordering the property, it’s easy to forget just how hard one man fought to have you swirling that delicious drink in your hand, which is exactly the point.

7. Skipworth Wine Company

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth
Russell Ord Photography

Leaving the best till last? 

Also out by Waroona way, Skipworth skips nothing when it comes to incredibly well-made wine. 

Winning dozens of state and national awards, this boutique winery located in Yarloop is home to varietals you just can’t go past, from its Sauvignon Blanc Semillon to its Shiraz.

Once devastated by fires Skipworth had to regrow their vines and now the vineyard provides picturesque views of the Darling Scarp and dense forests filled with jarrah and karri trees.

 is richly beautiful and as for the winery itself, well, Skipworth doesn’t make a fuss of doing what it does best – making good wine. Simples.

Explore these venues and download the trail map: Download Peel Region Craft Beer and Wine Trail.

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