Winter Warmers: 10 of The Best Winter Warmer Eats In Perth

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Stay warm this winter with these best winter warming eats in Perth.

Oooh baby it’s cold outside, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate! Perth restaurants are turning up the heat and bringing some hearty, winter warming dishes onto their menus.

The result? Delicious, nourishing and wonderful food that is calling your name.

Happy feasting!

Mary Street Bakery

Pies, pies, pies!

Is there a better way to shake off the chilly weather than to dive into a Mary Street Bakery baked treat?

With their beef pies, chicken pies and limited-edition sweet pies in tow, the gang here have us hooked on their savoury goods.

While their normal menu already impresses us to no end, there’s something very special about their baked goods – an ideal lunch on the go, or if you’re dining in add a salad so you can excuse the flaky, buttery pastry you’re about to eat. That’s being #health isn’t it?

With joints in Highgate, City Beach, Perth CBD and West Leederville, there’s no shortage of Mary Street’s to check out.

Authentic Bites

We love our soup.

And we love love love our dumplings.

So why not get the best of both worlds with Authentic Bites delicious xiao long bao (aka soup dumplings).

With both Perth and Northbridge stores to choose from, these delicate broth-filled dumplings are what we can only think of as heaven-sent. They’re steaming hot when ordered, and are perfect when dipped in black vinegar or chilli oil – or just enjoyed plain too because they have so much flavour on their own too.

You’ll feel yourself warming up from the inside out with a plateful of these.

Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King

The brainchild of Japanese celebrity chef Keisuke Takeda, Ramen Keisuke Tonkotsu King is a part of the renovated and revitalised Melbourne Hotel in Perth CBD.

It’s a hole in the wall venue, with a very limited number of seats – meaning you’ll often find a long line of eager ramen aficionados waiting outside.

And with unlimited egg and bean shoots to add to your bowl, you can really leave absolutely stuffed to the brim.

Their speciality here is tonkotsu ramen, which is one where the broth is layered in flavour thanks to the use of pork bones which are boiled for hours.

With slices of pork belly and chewy noodles included in each bowl, this is the kind of food we crave all winter long.


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Skull Island Tiger Prawns, Fermented Chilli, Bottarga Butter, Pancetta Crumb | Source: @mummucc_perth

If you love Wembley pizzeria Monsterella, you’ll love their newest venue only a couple doors down known as Mummucc.

Since day one it’s been a popular addition to the neighbourhood, bringing Italian flare, wine and cosy feels to suburbia.

While you can order the delicious pizzas from the original joint to be delivered to dine on here, we firmly recommend you wrap your lips around their carefully curated menu items.

Notably the local tiger prawns with fermented chilli, bottarga butter and pancetta crumb. This is slap yo mama good.

Trust us when we recommend you devour a plate of these all to yourself (and order some bread to swab up all the buttery sauce that’s hanging at the bottom as you enjoy the kick of chilli).

Kung Fu Kitchen

Kung Fu Kitchen
Colorful steamboat party | Source: @dermie.eats

Hot pot, aka steamboat, is a Chinese style of dining where you have a simmering base of soup in front of you and you add in meats, seafood, vegetables, mushrooms and more to the mix to suit your tastes.

It’s a lot of fun in groups, and Kung Fu Kitchen in Northbridge, Cannington and Morley is the place to get around it!

You’ll find your cheeks getting red from the steam rising around you, but that’s just an added bonus to enjoy while the rain beats down outside.

Take your time, and try lots of different combinations – it’s all part of the process of becoming a hot pot pro.

Il Lido

Il Lido
Chef Roberto’s humble lasagne | Source: @Illidoperth

Sunday nights no longer need to be a downhill slide of regret that the working week is about to begin again thanks to Cottesloe’s Il Lido.

Each Sunday you can get their traditional lasagne for two, full of freshly ground beef, tomato sugo, provolone and parmesan. When it comes to comfort food, this truly takes the cake – it’s bubbly, sinful, cheesy, rich goodness that will have you swooning with every bite.

With the crash of the ocean in the background, this is a wonderful location to enjoy Perth’s wintery weather.

Alfred’s Kitchen

Alfred’s Kitchen
Pea and Ham soup by the fire | @uncle_gap

When it comes to dining institutions, there’s nothing quite like Guildford’s Alfred’s Kitchen. They’ve been in operation over 70 years, slinging out some damn tasty burgers – but it’s the pea and ham soup that we’re singing the praises of this winter.

Best of all is the experience of slurping up that liquid gold by their fire pit as flames flicker in the wind. Knab one of the surrounding seats, kick back and soak up the atmosphere, it’s the ideal winter wonderland – making Alfred’s Kitchen a must this winter


Louder Louder

Louder Louder
SHORT RIB BEEF MASSAMAN | Source: @louderlouder_restaurant

Northbridge Thai restaurant Louder Louder is bringing the heat with their oh so luxurious and rich beef short rib massaman curry.

This is true happiness in a bowl, with it’s beautiful, premium cut of meat that is absolutely falling apart with the simplest prod of a spoon.

The curry sauce is nothing short of spectacular and perfectly enjoyed with the pineapple, cherry tomatoes and peanuts that also make up the dish. Order a side of rice and enjoy!

Lot Twenty

Lot Twenty
King Island Double Brie | Source: @perthgrub

This wouldn’t be a winter warmer food list if it didn’t include some kind of gooey, decadent, melted cheese.

Cue Lot Twenty who are making our hearts beat just a little bit quicker thanks to their whole baked camembert with garlic and rosemary, which comes served with whole fresh baguette.

Tear, dunk, cut, dip and repeat. Add one of their winter warmer coffee cocktails (they change each week) and you’ll think you’ve died and gone to foodie heaven!

Varnish on King

Rounding out our top 10 favourite winter warmers is Varnish on King’s fancy but oh so fun beef tartare with roasted bone marrow and beetroot lavosh.

That unctuous, fatty bone marrow is a real treat in itself, but keep the good times rolling afterwards by doing a bone luge!

Who doesn’t love a shot of alcohol with the flavour of beef bones in it? We know it’s right up our alley!

And to keep the fire burning, make your way through their impressive list of whiskeys while saying hello to the restaurant’s mascot, Justin Beaver.

If you’re lucky you may even get to take a selfie with him!

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