Add a Splash of Colour to Your Wardrobe

Winter can be pretty grey and gloomy, so the least we can do is try and lighten the mood with a little colour!

Wander through Perth city on a winter’s day and you will be caught up in a sea of black and grey.

The city is home to many corporate offices requiring corporate attire, but to be honest, the lack of colour some offices think ‘corporate’ entails and the drizzly weather can be a little depressing!

Just because the sky is grey in colour, it doesn’t mean we all need to dress to match it.

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 8While your winter wardrobe might not boast as much colour as what your summer wardrobe does, it is still incredibly easy to work some brighter hues into your winter looks.

If you aren’t hugely confident in decking yourself out in head to toe colour, there are some great ways that you can start to incorporate little bits of colour, without having to overhaul your entire wardrobe.

Wear Print

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If you are little apprehensive about working a block of colour into your winter wardrobe, try adding a print instead.

It can be as simple as adding a white shirt with a blue polka dot or stripe.

If you aren’t restricted by confidence or work dress codes, go crazy on the colourful prints – it will definitely make a difference to a rainy winter’s day!

Opt for jewel tones, or earthier, neutral tones.

Richer colours are easier to pare back into a black heavy winter wardrobe than pastels are.

A pop of bright red works really well with black pants and a white shirt, as does blue and yellow.

Tans, khakis and burnt oranges are also easy colours to wear with black and white, and they are a little less intense than a bright jewel tone can be.

Pastels, on the other hand, are best paired with white and grey outfits.

Add colourful accessories 

If committing to a colourful new jumper or a printed top is a little too much to start off with, adding fun coloured accessories will still do the trick.

Amp up your neutral outfit with a handbag, hat, scarf or some jewellery in a nice, bright colour.

It is amazing what a colourful necklace can do for an all-black outfit!

Outfit 1

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 9

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 7Refuge jeans and All About Eve jumper from Transit Clothing and Pigeonhole  

Duster Coat and Pigeonhole Katy Leather Bag from Pigeonhole

Shoes are blogger’s own

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Outfit 2

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 4_0Rain jacket, Lazy Oaf fruit slice shirt and Pigeonhole Life Studio umbrella all from Pigeonhole.

Jeans and shoes are blogger’s own.

Outfit 3

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 2

little miss mon bon city of perth colour 3

little miss mon bon city of perth colourRumours Boutique jacket from Transit Clothing.

Jonte top and Cameo shorts from Merge Shoes.

Handbag blogger’s own.

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