Australia Day Esky Fillers: Top Aussie Beers and Ciders

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Top local drops to tip down this Australia Day.

Australia Day Esky Fillers: Top Aussie Beers and CidersPut down the Corona, put down the Peroni… actually put down anything that isn’t a local drop. While there are the old faithful of VB, Swannie D, Carlton and Red Cans to drink this Australia Day, why not try something a little different?

The Australian beer and cider scene has never been tastier and we have the perfect list for you to fill your esky.

Feral Brewing Perth Local Lager

Australia Day Esky Fillers: Top Aussie Beers and Ciders

4.9% Lager

We’ve liberated lager from the shackles of the mainstream breweries, and returned it to the People of Perth.

Complex, subtle, with a new world hop twist, this is lager as it should be – the perfect companion for those long summer days. As Perth as a referendum on daylight savings, as a freeway lane extension, as a bore water-stained fence. Here’s to the best bloody city in the word.

Available in Perth only.

War Hog

7.5% American IPA

Prepare to be tagged and bagged as this Full Metal Jacket of an American IPA rains an apocalyptic, resinous hellfire of clustered hops and passionfruit aromas upon the senses.

There’s nowhere to hide, so gear up, sound off and blast “Ride of the Valkyries” at full volume, because, soldier, you’re at war. We love the taste of IPA in the morning.


Nail VPA

6.5% American Pale

Single hopped with El Dorado gives it bright pineapple and fresh tropical fruits to finish. Such a clean beer with a great hop presence and focus. One of the biggest beer releases on the WA scene for a while.

Eagle Bay Kolsch

Australia Day Esky Fillers: Top Aussie Beers and Ciders


The ultimate thirst quencher. A light and very bright, well balanced quaffer. Perfect for the hot day about to ensue

Gage Roads Little Dove

6.2% New-World Style Pale Ale

This beer needs no introduction. Voted Champion beer at the last Australian International Beer Awards and has been flying off the shelves ever since.

Cheeky Monkey West Coast IPA

6.5% American IPA

With a new rebrand by Cheeky Monkey comes a new beer not to disappoint. A big and bold hop presence with loads of pine and citric fruits. A resinous malty backbone gives this beer a nice balance.

Colonial IPA

Australia Day Esky Fillers: Top Aussie Beers and Ciders6.5% Aussie IPA

The green and gold look can is an obvious choice for this Australia Day. Think big piney hops with mild tropical fruit on the back palate. A big malty pressensce which helps cut through the bitterness making this a less intense IPA for those just starting out on this style.

Mash Copy Cat

6.8% American IPA

Stone fruit focus, big pine on the finish with a complimenting bitterness. Well rounded with sticky malts. This is a heavy hitter and for those not afraid of the higher ABV


Bootleg Summer Ale

4.7% American style Wheat Beer

A refreshing and zesty take on your standard wheat beer. This is cleaner and lighter in body which helps it flow down on a hot Summer’s Day hence the name

Custard Original Apple Cider


100 % filtered product which allows for a very light, sparkling cider with huge stone fruit focus created by Custard’s signature wild yeast strain. Perfect over ice with a slice of lemon to bring out the apples natural acidity

Where to grab these drops?

Want to get your mitts on one or multiple of the above head on over to Mane Liquor, located at 237 Great Eastern Hwy, Belmont WA 6104. Their drink selection is worth the drive.

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