Perth 2030: Are You Ready For The Future?

Perth 2030: Are You Ready For The Future?

Perth 2030: Are You Ready For The Future?

Perth 2030: Are You Ready For The Future?
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New jobs and new skills, get future ready with a career path at ECU

Flying cars, robots, time travel: what will the year 2030 look like? 

Alright, maybe we’re pushing it a bit with the time travel and flying car talk, but working robots are already a thing so it’s not all made up.

The year 2030 may seem like a lifetime away, but really, it’s actually only 9 years. We all know how fast a year can fly by so we’ll probably be there in no time.

So, what will 2030 look like for us Perth folk? 

We’ve all been stuck bumper to bumper on the Kwinana Freeway banging our heads against the steering wheel, so it’s a little daunting to think that demographers are predicting a 2.3 million increase in our population over the next 30 years- how will we ever merge now?! 

It’s a challenging thought, and one those planning the future need to take into account when working on things like infrastructure and housing. But, challenging as it may be, it is going to create a huge amount of exciting opportunities on the job front as we adapt. 

As new technologies are being introduced jobs are evolving and changing along with them. Businesses are finding new ways to respond and adapt to the ever-changing environment by finding new ways to work. This will lead to new jobs being created and a demand for new skills in order to keep up.

Will we also be seeing the effects of the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic in 2030 and more of an increase in the effects of climate change? You can probably bet on it. The future of Perth is looking like a very different world from the one we live in now.

Which industries will be in high demand?

According to the Australian Government, there are four main industries that will see a large demand in the near future:

  • Health Care and Social Assistance 
  • Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
  • Education and Training
  • Construction

More specifically, industries involved with tech, engineering, cybersecurity, organic farming, teaching and virtual reality are expected to boom over the coming years. 

What skills will be in high demand? 

To make sure you secure the best career in the future, a range of new skills will be essential in the changing world of work. These include: 

  • Critical thinking
  • Advanced literacy, writing and statistical skills
  • Advanced communication and empathy
  • Advanced IT Skills, data analysis and engineering
  • Emotional intelligence

But how can you find your way in such a challenging and changing world of work?

That’s where ECU steps in

With a range of flexible options and pathways, your new career could be just around the corner, and it’s never too late to upskill your qualifications or try something completely new. 

ECU offers a range of courses including engineering & technology, nursing, science, medical & health sciences, teaching and business. Their courses keep up with the latest industry standards, and with the skills and facilities on offer, you could very well be preparing for a job that doesn’t even exist yet- super cool!

They have demonstrated success over the years of producing world-ready graduates with the relevant skills and knowledge to make their mark in the workplace and thrive, so why not you? 

Apply to ECU today and get future-ready. 


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