July 18, 2019

Visit Peel

Winter Treat: Craft Beer and Wine Trail South of Perth

Millbrook Winery - vineyard

Explore the Peel Region’s breweries and wineries.

10 Things To Do In Mandurah Over Winter

Mandurah peel winter

Top things to do in Mandurah over winter from ice skating to toasting marshmallows on a boat.

To Do: Mandurah and Peel 48-Hour Getaway with Kids

Explore Mandurah with the Kids - Awesome Family Getaway Ideas

Where To Eat In Mandurah: Eat Your Way Through the Peel Region

Top eats and drinks in the Mandurah and Peel region. It may be cold outside but in Mandurah, its’ kitchens are a sure-fire hit to warm up the insides. Forget the days of waiting around for crabbing season as the catch of the day isn’t just limited to the depths of Mandurah’s canals or...

A&R in Mandurah: Sky Diving, Hiking, Biking, Swimming Holes & More

Whether it's adventure you seek or Zen to recharge the Mandurah and Peel Region has it all.

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