Real Stories Behind HBF Run for a Reason: Diabetes WA

One day, hundreds of reasons, thousands of legends — join HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday 19 May to raise much-needed funds for local charities.

Real Stories Behind HBF Run for a Reason: Diabetes WA

One day, hundreds of reasons, thousands of legends — join HBF Run for a Reason on Sunday 19 May to raise much-needed funds for local charities.
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HBF Run for a Reason is back and ready to storm the city in the name of charity. Set to kick off on Sunday, May 19th, Perth’s biggest annual fitness fundraising challenge will raise much-needed funds for more than 260 local charities. This is community spirit at its best and it’s why HBF has been running this event for the WA community since 2010.

Whether you’re fundraising for a loved one or supporting the WA community, keen to improve your fitness, down for fun with friends and family, or just itching to get your hands on this year’s t-shirt — whatever your reason, HBF Run for a Reason is your chance to make a difference.

This is one story of thousands

One of the more than 260 local charities that HBF Run for a Reason supports is Diabetes WA.

According to Diabetes WA, every day 31 West Aussies are diagnosed with Diabetes and a total of 148,000 people across the state are registered as living with diabetes

Rachel Davies is one of those people. At just 18, Rachel was told she had Type 2 Diabetes.

Although she’s not an experienced runner, she has entered HBF Run for a Reason and is attempting the Specsavers 12km. While she’s at it, she’ll be fundraising for Diabetes WA — a charity she holds very close to her heart.

Credit: Rachel Davies

“My reason is about representing Diabetes WA in the public forum, fundraising for the incredible cause, spreading the word that we exist, the services we provide and that we’re here to support you. At the same time, it will be a personal challenge and goal, so super rewarding all around,” Rachel said.

“There’s a misconception around diabetes that it’s a lifestyle disease and only people who are unhealthy trigger it. But that’s not the case at all. It can come at you for any reason, from any direction. Unfortunately, people get diagnosed by a GP who only has 15 minutes to talk to them about it.” 

“My eyes were opened to all the free support that had been available this whole time. I just didn’t even know about it. It’s quite a point of passion for me that we connect these dots and that people who get diagnosed understand that there is somewhere they can get some extra support outside of their GP and health professionals.”

Rachel said Diabetes WA changed her life for the better. So, she wants to get everyone else on the same page by representing the charity at HBF Run for a Reason.

This is another story

Carly Pink-O’Sullivan is another of the 148,000 people in WA living with diabetes. She’s a fitness enthusiast and pilates teacher, taking part in her fourth HBF Run for a Reason. This time, the Specsavers 12km. 

“My reason is to raise money and awareness for Diabetes WA. I want to let other people with diabetes know that they’re not alone in their journey. Finding a supportive community changed my attitude towards living with diabetes,” Carly said. 

Credit: Carly Pink-O’Sullivan

“When I was diagnosed 10 years ago, Diabetes WA provided access to so much useful information that I wouldn’t have been able to source on my own. It was an incredibly isolating time in the early stages of my diagnosis. Being able to contact them for recommendations helped to take away some of the overwhelm I was experiencing.”

Her family, friends, and the pilates community know how much she loves the annual event and fundraising for Diabetes WA. They’ve been with her through some rough periods, and a number of them will be joining her on the day — some walking and some running.

“Each year that I’ve run, the fundraising effort from my friends and family has been incredible. I think in total they’ve helped to raise about $13,000. We’re hoping to beat last year’s fundraising total, about $3,500.” 

Your reason makes a big difference

Every donation goes a long way to making a difference. 

Last year Diabetes WA used the funds raised at HBF Run for a Reason to launch their new Diabetes WA Clinic in Subiaco. The Diabetes WA Clinic provides compassionate diabetes care with ongoing support tailored to the needs of each patient. One-on-one appointments are available both online via telehealth and face to face, in which the patient will meet with a credentialled diabetes educator, dietitian or exercise physiologist.

Throughout the past 11 years, HBF Run for a Reason has helped raise over $11 million for more than 200 charities. Like Rachel and Carly, you can make a major difference by raising money for a charity close to your heart.

If you would like to make a difference, donate to Rachel or Carly’s cause. Or find your reason, lace up your sneakers, and register today. To help you prepare for the big day, here are five of the best trails in Perth. What are you waiting for?

This article was created in partnership with HBF.