Calling All Beer Lovers, The Town Of Victoria Park Is Your New Best Friend This Summer 

Dutch Trading Co. Bar
Celebrate summer, cricket, beer, and 30 years of the Town of Victoria Park, as the Town brings back Crispifest 2024 and launches its very own limited edition Vic Park lager.

Calling All Beer Lovers, The Town Of Victoria Park Is Your New Best Friend This Summer 

Celebrate summer, cricket, beer, and 30 years of the Town of Victoria Park, as the Town brings back Crispifest 2024 and launches its very own limited edition Vic Park lager.
Dutch Trading Co. Bar
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It’s summertime in Perth, the air sits balmy and still around you, the sun is setting and golden hues fill the sky above you. In your right hand, you hold a chilled pint of your favourite beer, you take a sip, it’s crisp and cold as it runs down the back of your throat, a satisfying contrast to the warmth of the evening air.

Alright… that’s enough daydreaming, but in all seriousness, if that sounds like your kind of reality we strongly suggest you put The Town Of Victoria Park on your bucket list this summer. Not only is it home to a selection of eclectic breweries, but this month will also see the return of Crispifest, and with that, the release of a new specially brewed lager. It’s time to do summer the right way. 

The Limited Edition Vic Park Lager

Town of Victoria Park Secret Lager
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In celebration of 30 years of the Town of Victoria Park, The Dutch Trading Co, in collaboration with one of Perth’s favourite south-west craft breweries and Australia’s first sustainable brewery, Rocky Ridge Brewing Co, is launching a limited edition Vic Park lager. It’s been deemed a secret lager, so the beer’s specifics remain unknown. However, with these two major players coming together, there’s no questioning that it’ll be crisp and effervescent, no doubt slipping seamlessly into the above daydream when it becomes your reality.


Town of Victoria Park Crispifest
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You may be wondering when and where you can get your hands on this lager. On Friday, January 26, the annual lager festival, Crispifest, returns to The Dutch Trading Co. Expect an afternoon of backyard cricket, live music, crispi eats, brews and of course, the official launch of the VP lager. From 12:00 pm till 10:00 pm, you’ll find 24 taps pouring cold, crisp beers as well as the Fizz Bar where you’ll be able to quench your thirst on everything else alcoholic. Expect to see some of your favourite brewers flowing from the taps including Boston Brewing Co., Beerfarm, Hawkers Beer, Eagle Bay Brewing Co., and many more. 

The Town Of Victoria Park Breweries

Crispifest isn’t the only time or reason you should be heading to the Town of Victoria Park for a beer on a summer’s day, or any season of the year for that matter. Tucked within the leafy tree-lined streets of the Town of Victoria Park that ooze historical charm, you’ll find a selection of inviting breweries with a lively atmosphere that’ll have you coming back time and time again.

The Dutch Trading Co.

The Dutch Trading Co
Credit: The Dutch Trading Co.

Previously given the title of Australia’s most awarded craft beer venue, The Dutch Trading Company is a Vic Park favourite that you’ll wish you’d visited sooner. Serving up 24 taps of golden beer, plus wines, spirits, and bar bites, this venue is an ideal spot for a casual and relaxed evening drink. With a tap list that’s constantly rotating, The Dutch Trading Company is always providing the opportunity to find your new favourite brew, as well as try a range of unique craft beers from breweries all over Australia. 

Boston Brewing Co.

Boston Brewing Co
Credit: @bostonvicpark

Established in 2011 as one of the first breweries of the Great Southern region, Boston Brewing Co. quickly made a name for itself within Western Australia’s alcoholic beverage scene. The good news is that you no longer have to embark on a five-hour journey to visit this brewer. With a  brewhouse situated on the main strip in Victoria Park, this convivial hangout spot is open till late most days of the week, making it a winning candidate for your next go-to after-work drinks spot. While you’re there, we strongly recommend trying their Tingletop Ginger Beer, it’s rumoured to be the best… or one of. 

Brew Garage 

Brew Garage
Credit: Brew Garage

Brew Garage is a suburban brewery built upon years of homebrewing experience. Located in East Victoria Park’s industrial area, this venue is exactly as the name suggests, ran out of a garage. With a rustic and chilled feel, this craft brewery and urban winery opens up three nights a week serving their perfected drinks alongside everyone’s favourite bite to eat, pizza.

Blasta Brewing 

Blasta Brewing
Credit: Blasta Brewing

What started as a passion developed into eight months of sampling some of Europe’s finest beers and ultimately resulted in Blasta Brewing. The word “blasta”, derived from the Gaelic language, translates to delicious in English. That’s exactly what those behind this brewing company committed to from the start, only brewing delicious beers. Step inside Blasta Brewings industrial beer hall in Burswood and be greeted by friendly faces, a lively ambience and quality brews. 

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