Plateful Perth: August’s Food Festival You Won’t Want To Miss

City of Perth's Plateful Perth
The City of Perth is putting on one of the most exciting food festivals we’ve ever seen in WA.

Plateful Perth: August’s Food Festival You Won’t Want To Miss

The City of Perth is putting on one of the most exciting food festivals we’ve ever seen in WA.
City of Perth's Plateful Perth
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If you’re anything like us, you saw the words ‘food festival’ and you instantly felt both hungry and excited, and just needed to know more, pronto. 

The City of Perth has put together the most spectacular month-long festival — Plateful Perth — to celebrate the food, restaurants, and bars in the City of Light. The extensive program includes 15 culinary events, 15 bespoke dining experiences, and 22 special offers, all of which showcase WA’s finest produce.  

“There are few experiences more joyful than sharing a delicious meal with your friends and loved ones —we want to capture this joy and spread it far and wide during the month of August,” said City of Perth Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas.  

Plateful Perth will run from Tuesday, August 1 to Thursday, August 31 and includes a sensational program which can be downloaded here. If you were looking for an excuse to get out and discover some of Perth’s hidden culinary gems, this is it.

Plated: A Sensory Feast

Plateful Perth’s headline event is Plated: A Sensory Feast and it looks rather delightful. 

If there’s one Plateful Perth event that screams “I must go to this,” it’s most certainly this one. How often do you get to have a fancy dinner inside an art gallery? Now’s your chance. Hosted inside the Art Gallery of WA, Plated will take you on an immersive culinary journey that ignites your five senses, while it showcases the finest WA produce from land and sea. 

Kim Brennan and Matt Bodycote
Kim Brennan (l) and Matt Bodycote (r) | Images supplied

Plated will have you moving through sections of AGWA, starting with a unique canapé and cocktail experience on the rooftop before you move to the main gallery where you’ll indulge in a feast that’s been carefully curated by Kim Brennan, the State Building’s Executive Chef. 

Each course has also been perfectly paired with drinks that have been designed to enhance your sensory experience. We don’t yet know what those drinks will be (it’s a well-guarded secret, for now) but hearing that Matt Bodycote — beverage mastermind from the State Buildings — is the one who’s worked with Brennan on the menu has us quite excited.

The final piece of the experience is, of course, the art gallery itself; throughout the evening, you’ll be enveloped in live art, ambience, and moments you’ll remember forever. 

Get your tickets for Plated: A Sensory Feast here.

A lineup of Events, Experiences, and Offers 

City of Perth’s Plateful Perth kicks off on August 1 with the Winter Feast: A Farm to Table Dinner at the Heritage Wine Bar. This event is a collaboration of three guest chefs from a few of WA’s top venues — Arimia, Glenarty Road, and Millbrook. Knowing the Heritage Wine Bar, there’ll be a well-considered wine list to match each dish on the menu.

The festival isn’t all fancy fine dining, though. There are 15 events across the month, each catering to a slightly different palate and cruising from a Mauritian feast at Bivouac to a Sip and Stroll progressive dinner across The Aviary, Globe, and Wolf Lane. 

Mauritian feast at Bivouac and a Street Food Degustation at Goody Two’s
Mauritian feast at Bivouac and a Street Food Degustation at Goody Two’s | Images supplied

Then there are the Experiences, created especially for Plateful Perth – giving you something to keep you satiated every day of the week. There’s a South and Central Americas Cocktail Tour by Sneakers & Jeans, ‘Dinner at Grandma’s,’ hosted by The Stables bringing you nothing but comfort food, and a Street Food Degustation at Goody Two’s. 

The special offers will give you that extra excuse to indulge in the City of Perth’s sensational dining scene. Go out for a mid-week team lunch at the Generous Squire, tasting their epic burgers and brews, or walking across to Market Grounds after work any night of the week for the ultimate dessert and cocktail combo. Looking for something a little simpler, head to Le Vietnam for what is arguably Perth’s best banh mi, perfect for that quick, on-the-go lunch. There’s also a plethora of date night deals like the Sip and Saviour Soirée at North Bird or dinner on the rooftop at Hadiqa.

You can view all of the Events, Experiences, and Offers that are part of City of Perth’s Plateful Perth here.

This article was sponsored by the City of Perth. Featured image: The Rechabite Double Rainbow. Supplied.