Rottnest Seafood – Ocean to Plate Experience

Rottnest Seafood – Ocean to Plate Experience

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You don’t have to be a billionaire mining magnate to enjoy a relaxing, luxurious day in the sun, chomping on fresh rock lobster, sucking down oysters and sipping champagne off Rottnest these days. You don’t even have to win lotto.

That’s because family run Rottnest Cruises are making seafood lovers dreams come true, with their fantastically luxurious and affordable ‘Ocean to Plate’ day cruise.

If you love seafood, especially crayfish, you’re absolutely going to love this somewhat decadent new Rotto experience.

We were recently lucky enough to enjoy a beautiful day out on the boat; Cruising just off Rotto, sipping on sparkling wine, pulling up cray potts, just as you would daydream. All before a lazy afternoon feasting on fresh WA seafood, including of course, fresh and juicy western rock lobster.

A beautiful fishing boat, The Crusader III, is fitted out beautifully for this unique tour, leaving Thompson Bay around 11am each day for the 3-hour experience.

The boat takes guests on a short trip off the Island, close to shore, where 6 pots will be pulled up by the crew with assistance from eager deckhands – you and your fellow guests.

“The Wildseafood experience is a a real seafood, foodie, hands on experience,” says Myri Riddy from Rottnest Cruises.

The local family owned business started operating earlier this year.

“We’re WA locals, we’re very, very passionate about our seafood,” she said.

On thew way out to the potts, passengers will learn about the western rock lobster and how WA has managed to create one of the world’s most sustainable fishing industries, an example for others globally.

If you’re lucky enough to help pull up a pot, you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with a nice bag of crays to contend with.

You’ll be taught what to look for by the friendly, experienced crew – like how to identify a cray carrying eggs, or how to measure the lobster to ensure it’s in size. If not, you’ll throw the lobsters back in for another day.

The rest are measured, for a second time to be sure, and taken away to water tanks to keep fresh.

After a quick burn around the island, the it’s time to relax and prepare get tucked into the catch. The boat cruises back to a tranquil, protected bay and we pull anchor.

Rottnest Seafood experience: After the catch

If you so feel inclined, guests are welcome to change into bathers and take a dip off the back of the boat. Of course the ironic possibility of becoming seafood for another animal species always lingers in the mind.

On deck, guests are treated to a round or two for drinks and socialising, before a long table is quickly set by the crew for our much anticipated Rotto seafood banquet.

It is an all-inclusive experience – a five-course lunch with local wines and beers.

To start with, freshly caught Mandurah blue swimmer crabs, Albany oysters, west coast octopus, salmon and Shark Bay prawns.

Rottnest Seafood experience

The second, sea mullet, from Mandurah, marinated in a Teriaki sauce.

We’re also offered lobster sashimi and lobster mornay options as well.

A true feast of the lobster! ?

The main course, the lobster. Straight from the Ocean – cooked on the deck barbecues. The meat is fresh and juicy, smothered with butter and garlic. Pure bliss. ?

If you love seafood, especially if you have a taste for local western rock lobster, you definately have to sink your teeth into this tour.

The incredible weather, great company, the fresh Ocean air and the taste of fresh seafood. What more could you want – a trip to Rotto anyone?


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So Perth were a guest of Rottnest Cruises in April 2019.