Game of Thrones Season Finale: What does Perth have to say? | No Spoiler

Feel free to read no spoilers here

Feel Safe to Read on no Game of Thrones Season 5 Finale Spoilers here

It seems like it has gone way too quick! How can it be over already? Game of Thrones and Silicon Valley were the only things that made Monday’s bearable.

Season 5 started off quite slow, but you can tell there were a lot of storylines that needed to be developed – and haven’t they ever! The last few weeks we have seen the Whitewalkers destroy half an army, Stannis burns his daughter alive in the hopes of pleasing the gods so he can win the war and let’s not forget Cersei being thrown into jail and so much more!

In light of the last episode of the season I thought it would be interesting to see what Perth has to say about arguably the worlds most popular TV show on Twitter. With this collection of tweets you might even find some new friends to talk #GameOfThrones with on Twitter. Also don’t worry there are no spoilers here for the last episode

Game of Thrones Perth Tweets:

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