Containers For Change Has Saved More Than 2.5 Billion Containers From Landfill

Containers for Change
Are you still feeding the fill? Get involved in the fight against landfill today.

Containers For Change Has Saved More Than 2.5 Billion Containers From Landfill

Are you still feeding the fill? Get involved in the fight against landfill today.
Containers for Change
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Western Australians have saved 2.5 billion 10¢ containers from going to landfill since Containers for Change launched in October 2020. 

That’s $250 million back into the pockets of West Aussies. 

Despite the huge number of containers being saved, 530 million 10¢ containers are still lost to landfill every year. That’s $53 million in potential refunds not going back into people’s pockets or to worthy causes. 

It takes no time at all to check if a container has a 10¢ mark. If it’s got it, you can do the right thing — wherever you are.

Containers For Change 

Containers for Change was created to save 10¢ containers from landfill, in an effort to achieve a positive future for Western Australia. More than 800 jobs have been created over two years, giving back to the WA community while helping the environment. 

In WA, every drink container with a 10¢ mark is worth a refund when returned with Containers for Change. 

10¢ containers have infinite potential when recycled with Containers for Change — the potential to live another life as new containers, or sometimes other everyday products. Find out more about container potential here.

Most single-serve water, juice boxes, and fizzy drink containers bear a 10¢ mark, as well as most single-serve alcohol containers like beer and premixed spirit bottles. 

How To Help 

Returning 10¢ containers is easier than ever. Save them, bring them to a Containers for Change refund point, and either collect your refund or donate it to a good cause. 

10¢ containers can be returned to hundreds of refund points across the state, including depots, bag drops, reverse vending machines, or pop-up refund points. Here is more information on refund point types. 

And if you’re out and about, keep an eye out for Container Exchange Points that are attached to general waste bins in public spaces. You may not get a refund, but you will be saving that 10¢ container from landfill.

At depots, 10¢ containers are either counted by staff or machines with several offering drive-through or bag drop services. Bag drops are a convenient and contact-free option — just bag it, tag it, and drop it.

Reverse vending machines count uncrushed 10¢ containers and check if they’re accepted by scanning their barcode. Some locations have a bag drop service available if the containers won’t scan. 

Some refund points pop up at community locations on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis with a few offering refunds on the spot, and others taking them to a sorting facility to count and then process your refund electronically.

No matter how you choose to return your containers, you will receive a refund by bank transfer, PayPal, or cash. Alternatively, you can set your preferred payment method to donation and select a charity or local community group that you would like to support. 


10¢ refunds from every accepted and returned container can go a long way as much-needed funds for a worthy cause. 

So far, $9.36 million in refunds has been directly donated to schools, charities, community groups, and local clubs registered with Containers for Change and $250 million has gone back into the pockets of the WA community. Will you join the West Aussies in the fight against landfill?
Get involved today. Don’t Feed The Fill.